Monday, July 4, 2011

500 continuous 16kg swings...I mean 480....darn!

I came up with a combination of swings that has four (regressive) rotations that end up at a 500 rep count. That's one continuous 12 1/2 minute set at 40 reps per minute. It never really occured to me to do it with anything but the 12kg, expecially for the first trial run.....until Saturday got closer and closer....

I knew I would have to do it with the 14kg because the 12kg would be fun, and it does indeed present somewhat of a challenge...but not really. The 14kg it was....

Then I thought what the hell! I've done 1000 continuous swings with the 16kg just this past year and so what's 500? I knew Meg could do it so that's what we set out to do....Use the 16.

Like I mentioned, this was really a trial run because I had never lead that particular combination before....lots of counting to get to 500. There is one little sticking point that I thought I worked out, but when we finished and Meg told me that the set only lasted 12 minutes....uh oh....1/2 of one minute was missing...somewhere 20 reps disappeared....darn! I knew exactly at that point where the screw up happened, and it won't happen again.

Lucky for my new 9:00am Advanced class because Meg and I will run through it a couple more times before she puts them through the same 500 rep combination when I'm gone in Hungary for a couple of weeks in Aug!

I'll post this workout in three parts before I leave, or while I'm gone (who knows, maybe I'll put the Hungarians through it!). Beginning, Inter and Adv. Tomorrow though I will tape and post an advanced version of "Snatch Transfers".


Maribel said...

You're insane...and I mean that in the best possible way ;) LOL

Tracy Reifkind said...


I took it in the best possible way!

fun stuff!