Monday, June 23, 2008

'Tis the Season.....Summer!

Well, here it is....June, in fact the end of June. Where did spring go? We've had an unusually cold season until a couple of weeks ago, and then it felt like summer hit us overnight. Because of the weather I knew the tomatoes would more than likely be late, but I stopped by Wayne's garden to see if he was harvesting anything yet. I wrote a blog post about Wayne and his garden end of summer last year describing how I met him, and about all of the homegrown goodies I get to buy from his prolific garden.

It started with tomatoes, pounds and pounds of vine ripened tomatoes. It's too early still for tomatoes, but on this early visit I was able to score some lucious peaches, picked right off the tree, (Wayne mentioned the variety, but I forgot), some honey from the bees Wayne keeps, and summer squash...lots of squash, I think 7lbs., if I remember correctly, and a handful of loquats!

A couple of months ago I posted Gayles Apple, Ginger Fruit Salad recipe. Although technically it was spring we were still eating apples, so her recipe was basically, Fuji apple, fresh ginger, lemon juice, dried organic blueberries and walnuts. She suggested fresh peaches, instead of apples, for a summer version, so I had to try it with Waynes 'just picked' peaches!

Gayles Fruit Salad with Fresh Ginger and Lemon

silced peaches

fresh ginger (lots! About a 2 inch piece, peeled and grated)

juice of one lemon

blueberries (they're in season right now, but I used frozen)

nuts, optional

I'll be eating this everyday, until I run out of peaches and can get more, lol!

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