Monday, June 16, 2008

Hit and Miss

Well, I never claim to be an expert chef, or food photographer, so here's all of last weeks "missing food posts" good and bad, lol! I had alot of time to play in the kitchen and one day last week, I think it was Wednesday, everything I did turned to crap....or I thought! Turns out one of my failures turned into a huge success, but first a failure....

I decided to make my own tortilla chips because for 2 weeks in a row I got avocados in my CSA box and I wanted to make a taco salad with avocado dressing. Well the avocado dressing came out freakin' awesome (it can also be used as a dip for veggies or chips, or to spread on triscuts...I kind of went crazy with that one, lol), but the "baked chips" sucked!

I want to blame it on the crappy quality of Trader Joes corn tortillas, but it was probably the cooking method. I brushed a small amount of oil on the tortilla and then cut them into small wedges, threw them on a baking sheet, into the oven @350 degrees for about 15-20 min. Some of them were nice and crispy, but most of them were rock hard.

It was my intention to make a 'taco like' salad of romaine lettuce, tomatoes (I bought my first 3 tomatoes fo the season, I wasn't really ready because it's been cold and I knew they were still "green house" tomatoes....nobody's perfect...I had to get over it), and avocado dressing, I had chicken and shredded pork but the calories were already high, so I skipped the meat. Unfortunately I didn't taste the tortilla chips before crumbling them on top of my salad! What a waste of calories! The hard chips ruined much of the experience and I couldn't get them out because I had crushed them, lol!

Avocado dressing

1 med avocado
1 small container plain yogurt (6-8oz)
lime juice (about 2 tbl.)
crushed garlic
diced jalapeno (you have to know by now I put jalapeno in everything, lol)
diced tomato (as much as you like)
cilantro, optional (I didn't have any)
S & P


Happiness Within said...

Yeah!! I am excited to make the avocado dressing. I bought an avocado because it looked so good in the store. LOL

Tracy said...


Avocado dressing is basically guacamole with plain yogurt added! I still haven't tried avacado with pasta, I'll wait until the tomatos are full force, it killed me to buy "hot house" tomatoes the other day. I wish I felt the same way about cookies, lol!

Why don't cookies have a "season"? that way I could try and ride my high horse about seasonal eating and only be able to eat them a couple of months a year, lol!