Saturday, June 7, 2008

Salad For Breakfast

OK, so the last 2 days I've had salad for breakfast....why? Because I have to eat my freshest foods first! And besides, why not? I can always make a salad, my own dressing and all, in just a few minutes.

Thursday I had bok choy, red cabbage and green onions with my Korean short ribs, and Friday I had a wilted salad of reheated roasted cauliflower, rutabaga, shallots, w/chicken, baby greens and lemon (the veggies had plenty of oil on them from roasting).

My food and diet strategy is to eat and choose, first, fresh foods.....second, adjust the portions....and third, think about how I'm eating, whether or not I'm physically hungry or emotionally hungry, so as to not eat foods compulsively. One thing at a time.

I made a killer cauliflower soup yesterday and I'll post pictures and the recipe soon, because I have to make more! My friend Jill will be on a 3 week vacation, so she brought me most of her CSA box on Thursday, along with last weeks head of cauliflower, so I had 4 heads!
I tried to roast the leaves (and stems), and although they came out 'edible', I need to tweak it more. The stems of the leaves are tough, but they do retain a slight cauliflower taste. So maybe dicing the stems small and cooking them with the onions for soup maybe the best way to use them. Then the seperated leaves can be added at the end. Or maybe.....I should just throw out the stems?

Life is is fun. (and good!)


Keturah Y. said...

So I'm not the only one who eats salad for breakfast! Good deal! Okay, I don't do it that often, but sometimes nothing sounds better than veggies.

Tracy, have you tried your hand at making cultured vegetables? I just made some last week. Easy-peasy. And I do eat them for breakfast. It's a nice change of pace from salads. I love fermented veggies (sauerkraut, pickles, beets) so making them myself is a great way to save money AND use up veggies. You might try it. I found instructions here
only I reduced the recipe and used 1 small red cabbage, half an onion (I love onion) and some shredded carrot. I also added some salt because I like a bit on my veggies.

It's a great way to use up veggies. Let me what you think!

Tracy said...


Wow, it's sounds interesting. I'm going to run this by Mark, but I will definitely be making some cultured veggies!

I don't think I own a rubber gasketed jar that's bigger than a canning jar, but I'll look around and get some veggies started today in whatever size I have.

Thanks for sending me this info, I love stuff like this!

Keturah Y. said...

Actually, I cheated and just used a regular glass canning jar (1 or 2 quart, I'm not sure which) with a metal mayo lid. It worked just fine.

Can't wait to hear what you think!

Amy said...

Okay Tracy - I NEED that cauliflower soup recipe!! Cauliflower is something that I have access to all year round.

Also, do you have a sweet Asian dressing recipe? I'm not finding anything I like when I search All Recipes. LMK!!

BTW - I am glasses free!! I just got home from a round of golf, and I cut 9 strokes off my last round pre-surgery (on 9 holes). I think I like this seeing thing! LOL

Tracy said...


OMG! I actually bought 2 more heads of cauliflower (in addition to the 4!) just to make more soup! It's killer! I made a huge batch last night and I'll be posting my results of "tweaking" the recipe in the next couple of days.