Friday, April 25, 2014

Thursday 10 x 10 Beginner to Advanced!

First of all let me say that there is nothing "beginner" about a 10 x 10!  It all comes down to variables.  How much time between work/rest intervals, and how much weight you use are the two primary ways of changing the workout.  The sets and reps can stay the same, and you can never change them and still get a better workout than most anything else, combining strength, power, stability and cardio all in one fell swoop!

So in this week's 10 x 10 I alternate the rep count instead of the rest time interval or the weight (s) for a few reasons.  To maybe help push you out of the 10 rep comfort zone, but mostly so you can train with a friend, a client, a class, a group, giving everybody a way to customize their own workout for the day.

Now for this 7.5 minute workout start each set for 45 second intervals:

Set #1, 10 reps
Set #2, 15 reps (or stay at 10 if this is where you are right now)
Set #3, 20 reps (or stay at 10, or maybe chance going to 15, or maybe 15 is where you are for the entire workout)

repeat in alternating order starting each set "on the 45 sec"; 10, 15, 20, 10, 15, 20, 10, 15, 20, 10, or customize each set.  Maybe sometimes you push the reps higher, maybe sometimes you back down.  Every time you do this 7.5 min workout will you can choose the rep count from 100-200 reps!  These two workouts, alternating rep counts = 145 reps.

10 rep sets = 15 work/30 sec rest (1/2 ratio)
15 rep sets = 22.5 sec work/.22.5 sec rest (equal ratio)
20 rep sets = 30 sec work/15 sec rest (2/1 ratio)

For a one hand swing version:

5R/5 L = 10 reps
5R/5 L + 5 2 hd swing = 15 reps
5R/5 L + 5R/5 L = 20 reps

I hope to rope my training partners into demonstrating a group version of this Saturday morning! In the mean time train along with me, but choose your own sets and reps!


(ps this workout is similar to Sinister and Give and Take!)


Marie said...

I appreciate that you offer the freedom of choice during a workout. You have given the power back to me, so to speak. I follow you sometimes and sometimes add in my own little twist...that's the beauty of it and I feel great about it! (we women are just wired differently!) Thanks again!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I find that people naturally push themselves when put in a group training situation, and most times I have to tell them to rest more!

I realize it may be different if watching and training along privately with a video which is why I try and post my group together choosing different options.

These workouts are a challenge to me creatively and that's what makes it motivating and fun for me as an Instructor and leader!