Thursday, February 27, 2014

Thursday's 10 x 10 Laddering down the rest interval "Side by Side"

I LOVE this 10 x 10!  It's actually a 10 (rep) x 11 (set) workout, but I think at this point you can handle an extra set or two!  This workout starts out at a 2 part rest, to 1 part work ratio, which is why I needed my two training partners, Brenda and Maribel to help me out!  It's a workout I came up with last week while working with a couple of new students that are husband and wife, both of them not quite ready for equal work to rest interval training, so I acted as an additional "timer" as we all took turns swinging.  This is similar to the workouts Jeff Sokol and I did for "Side by Side", where on partner does more work, allowing the other to do less, acting as eachother's rest timer (  These workouts are also called "I go, you go" routines.  

Working with three partners two of them always do 10 swing reps, taking turns, and the third partner starts at 10 and ladders down to 0 reps.  So the set intervals look like this:

set #1 15 sec work, 30 sec rest (approx)
set #2 15 sec work, 28.5 sec rest
set #3 15 sec work, 27 sec rest
set #4 15 sec work, 25.5 sec rest
#5 15 sec work, 24 sec rest
#6 15 sec work, 22.5 sec rest
#7 15 sec work, 21 sec rest
#8 15 sec work. 19.5 sec rest
#9 15 sec work, 18 sec rest
#10 15 sec work, 16.5 sec rest
#11 15 sec work, 15 sec rest!

You can swing with either Brenda or Maribel and all the work to rest will be the same as above.  Of course you can choose to swing with me also, BUT you will decrease your reps, working less, and always getting a 30 second rest, the time it takes both Brenda and Maribel to do 10 reps each!

Enjoy! And good luck working your way down to equal work/rest!


guy said...


I want to train long cycle C&J 3 days a week and still get 2 swing practice sessions in the same week. Is this doable?

Tracy Reifkind said...

Really? me