Saturday, February 8, 2014

Saturday @ Juno

Time is running short and I need all the team support I can get at
this point!  My next competition is in two weeks...omg...really?  Two weeks exactly it will be all over with!  Good thing I decided to stop being a baby about my upcoming jerk set and just go in the gym and freaking jerk!  For now I'm still keeping those under wraps, but I am happy to say that I completed my confidence is on the rise!  

Darn I wish I had a 15kg!  The 14kg is so much fun, and then comes the 16kg!  That's fine too, and I'm not afraid of it at all, but I want my 16kg set to look and feel just like this one!  Fingers crossed (and it helps to train for it too!), these are the numbers I'm shooting for at the meet.  200 reps, a snatch test on each arm, has been my goal from the beginning.  Here I complete 100/100 w/14kg in 8 minutes, 45 seconds.

I'll be competing the 16kg biathlon, (jerk and snatch), and one of my students, Andrea, will be there competing her first 10 minute 12kg LC.  I'm also thrilled that my best friend Jen in Santa Barbara is going to try her best at the 5 minute snatch test! I'm so proud!  I'm driving down south to Santa Barbara on Friday, picking her up along the way and she'll finish the drive to Costa Mesa.  No need to diet down, I'm already sitting comfortable range of my competition bodyweight.  It's going to be a girl's weekend as it looks as if Mark is staying home for this one.  On the way back home I'll be spending a couple more days in SB with Jen, doing some swings on the beach, a little hot yoga, and then head back home.  

Wish me, Andrea, and Jen luck!  And all the competitors actually!  Or better yet, come and cheer us on!


Jen said...


This is going to be sooo fun! I hope to make you proud and I'm so happy that I get to be there to cheer on Team TracyRif!

Hanging out with you no matter what we do will be a blast, blast, blast!!!

Are we Lucky or What?!!! <3

Tracy Reifkind said...


We ARE lucky! "Luck is when opportunity and preparation meet"! And we will bring both to the platform next weekend!