Wednesday, July 25, 2012

No Brainer Snatch-aholics 500 continuous reps

It may seem to a lot of people that I am constantly training but it's not the case.  Sure, I train kettlebells more than most, on the days I do train KB's, but I want to remind that I take 4 entire days away from kettlebells, I even try not to schedule KB work or demos on those days off.

The key is that I never miss my workouts.  That means out of 365 days in a year I show up for over 150 kettlebell workouts.  And on opposite days I train yoga at least 3 days a week, (this year) adding another 150 workouts.  300 workouts out of 365, wow, even I'm impressed!  But even all of these workouts equal approx 8 hours in an entire weeks 168 hours....ok, minus 8 hours sleep per day, it's still only 8 out of 112, not much.

So keeping that in mind this No-Brainer "Snatch-aholics" workout is not a challenge, or something that I think is a good idea for everybody to do, or try, if you haven't been training consistently, it's just what I had time for and all of my consistent training allowed me to do. 

I only had about 25 minutes after my Tuesday morning class and since I've kind of had this 400-500 snatch rep theme going on I was thinking I wanted to try and complete some kind of high volume snatch rep count.  I did not want to snatch heavy, I didn't even want to snatch the 14kg so using the 12kg I started with 10 reps R/L at a time.  While I was snatching I kept thinking about how to break up the sets....100 at a time? Nope, I've been doing that and I was bored.  200?  It doesn't go into 500 evenly.  Damn...should just do it without stopping?  Not really in the mood, but no better alternative.  God counting this is going to be a nightmare!

Of course I'm not going to video tape over 20 minutes of 10/10 snatches...besides, I had already started and I couldn't put the bell down at this point!  So I took a picture afterwards trying to get the Gymboss reading. Almost forty three 30 sec intervals = 21.5 minutes to complete.  It was after I put the bell down that the sweat just started pouring!

I checked my Gymboss after 200 reps (ten sets of 10 both R and L, 20 x 10), and it read 17 intervals, I checked it again after 400 to make sure my counting was near correct, yep, 34 intervals, makes sense it took another 8 to finish the last 100.

I've snatched continuous 40 minutes in the past, not sure of the rep count.  And I know I've done 1000 snatches before that even (I think), so this wasn't my longest snatch workout ever, but it will be for a while! Next time I do 500 continuous reps I'm going to test and challenge myself to do it under 20 minutes!  That means I probably did about 40 snatches after the 20 minute mark and will have to go faster to fit them into the shorter that will be fun!


Diana said...

Any kind of workout your crazy ass mind can come up with that I try is always a TON easier (to me) than trying to figure out one of those Gymboss concoctions! Thank God for the WalMart clock with a second hand!

Hanneke said...

...besides, I had already started and I couldn't put the bell down at this point!

Hahahaha, sounds familiar :))

Tracy Reifkind said...


I would chose a second hand over a Gymboss any day of the week! Although I can actually figure out the basic programming (much easier than my iPad!)

Tracy Reifkind said...

Hanneke....well, it was true!

What I did not write about was that way before I hit 100 total reps I didn't want to do it! But I thought if I could get to 200 I'd reevaluate. Once I got to 200 I thought, OK, now all I have to do is repeat it and do a little bit more!

Lucky me my earlier workout was not the volume I'm used to and my hands were still "fresh".

Juci RKC said...

Oh My God.
This is Crazy :)

Mark Reifkind said...


Funny, "crazy" in Hungarian translates to "fun" in English!

Books are on their way....signed of course!