Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Progressive Max

Mark and I have been training the Max Vo2 snatch protocol for so long we have so many nicknames for it! My favorite is "Snatch Vo2", but most of the time we simply call it "Max". We don't train it for specifically for it's intended purpose....to maximally increase and improve your ability to uptake and get oxygen to your muscles....at least I don't. Although I did in the beginning as we tested the theory out. The best thing Max did for me however was what it does for alot of other people, Max gave me a program, rep for rep, of what to do. People love being told exactly what to do and sometimes I'm no different!

A long time ago however my cardio endurance surpassed Max using the 12kg w/8reps per workset and I went on to do a version, progressively, with the 16kg. Without going through the trouble of looking up those workouts (I think Meg and I did them in the Fall of 2009) I accomplished around 50-55 sets of 7 w/16kg starting with 15-20 sets w/12kg for a total of close to 80 sets.

Right now my cardio does not get to the target rate using the 12kg w/8reps per 15 sec and I've developed workouts that I call "Beyond Max". Sure, I could use a heavier bell and I've done some Max workouts w/14kg, but my strength is comprimised with so much ballistic kettlebell workouts that I couldn't possibly do a Max workout with the 16kg right now....in fact I cant believe I ever did it!

Since I got back from Hungary and now that Mark and I train Max on Tuesdays (I teach a 50 min swing class first) I need to up the antie in some way. The fun part of designing progressive workouts is that it keeps your mind focused on the goal not the work.

7/7 x 10 w/12kg
7/7 x 10 w/14kg
8/8 x 10 w/12kg
5/5 x 20 w/16kg

The reason why I start out with 7's (7 reps per 15 sec) is that my hands have been fried lately, and what I mean by "fried" is that my left hand especially has been dry and cracking from so much KB's (more than most I'm sure!) so it's been greatly affecting the strength of my grip. I just went ahead and taped up before the workout started....I've never done that before today.

Anyway, I started with 10 sets of 7 (5 sets R, 5 sets L) to warm up, mostly my hands, and then I increased the intensity with the added weight of the 14kg. After 10 sets of 7 reps w/14kg I went back down in weight but I took the intensity up with speed, 8 reps per 15 sec and did a total of 10 sets that way. Finally I went on to the 16kg. I knew I only had 20 sets left for the workout and it was my intention to only do 10 sets of 5, but I was feeling good and stayed with that weight and rep count until the end for a total of 20 sets.

Could I have done 6 reps per interval w/16kg....maybe. But that's not the point. The point is not to get a PR every workout. I still have to train some version of this next week...no hurry. I had already done almost 600 swings w/24kg earlier and I'm trying to cut back anyway!

Try mixing up a Max based workout in blocks of 10 sets using various weights and rep counts! Use mine as an example if you want that's why I blog these things!


guy said...

Great workout Ma'am! By the way, I've found that 12% Ammonium Lactate Lotion is bar none the best hand repair lotion around. It's available in pharmacies and retails at about $7.00 a btl, but it's worth it. I have hypothyroidism, and a symptom of that is dry skin, factor in KB and yeah I need a remedy.

Maribel said...

you're a beast! You did all that AFTER that killer 6am class? Holy smokes!


Diana said...

I love the #10....

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'll look it up, thanks. It's funny that I need to get my hands a bit sweaty so they will soften up so I can snatch, but if I wait too long between workouts (I have an hour break between class and training with Mark) they stiffen up again!

It's my own fault for ignoring them for so long. They are so much better than they used to be since I've been using birch arnica oil, but it took some serious throbbing hand pain to get me to do that.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Remember....I didn't do as much as you guys did! Out of the 1200 swings I made you do I only did 750! I'll repeat your workout this Thursday....and then again on Sat!

The "old" me was really jealous of all those swings you guys did, but I've got a different focus for my Tuesay training for a while...

Tracy Reifkind said...


I've based my whole training since day one on the number 10, now my number is 100! 10 x 10....so I must love the #10 ten times more than you! (kidding)

But seriously, because I lead so many classes and count reps out loud I've actually caught myself counting to ten while driving in my car (to the same pace I swing!)

Diana said...

The number 10 is kind of like money, $10 used to seem like a lot, then $100 used to seem like a lot, now it's $1000 that feels good....same thing for reps!!

PS/Anything with Arnica is great for your hands and other sore areas....Natures Advil for sure!

Juci RKC said...

you must see this :)
The Greatest Dinner Scene of all times. From an old Hungarian movie.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I WANT SOUP! Good Lord! Whatever they were talking about I'm sure would have just made me more hungry!

Juci RKC said...

they are talking about the Menu and the gentleman's requirements as to the quality of services provided.
Later they are talking about Horses and Women; and finally some tragic coincidence in relation to a particular lady - but that doesn't matter to us :)

Tracy Reifkind said...


Near the end when they show the "tragic coincidence" I thought it was going to ruin the whole thing for me! The flashback was peculiar since I didn't know what they were talking about...luckily it was only a momentary flashback!

My soup didn't come out nearly as tasty as yours....and I thought I made good soup! I still haven't found those really big bones.

Mark Reifkind said...


Nice marrow!!