Friday, September 23, 2011

How to Progressively Scale My "100" Swing Workouts

Here are some suggestions on how to scale the last "100" workout I posted a couple of days ago. I already worked out the timing, and made some adjustments to the end of the workout if you wanted to add more swings, or more training time.

1st rotation = 40 swings
15/15 x 4 = 2 min (all levels)

2nd rotation = 80 swings
30/30 x 4 = 4 min
(30/30 x 4 = 4 min, intermediate)
(30/15 x 4 = 3 min, advanced)

3rd rotation = 120 swings
45/45 x 4 = 6 min
(45/30 x 4 = 5 min, intermediate)
(45/15 x 4 = 4 min, advanced)

4th rotation = 160 swings
1.0/1.0 x 4 = 8 min.
(1.0/30 x 4 = 6 min, intermediate)
(1.0/15 x 4 = 5 min, advanced)

total workout up to this point
20 min = 400 swings
(17 min = 400 sw, intermediate)
(14 min = 400 sw, advanced)

video shows last 2 rotations

5th rotation
10 2 hd sw
20 tr
1/2 sw ld x 3 (30 reps)
5/5 x 4 (40 reps)
5 min = 100 sw
(4.25 = 100 sw, intermediate)
(3.5 = 100 sw, advanced)

6th rotation
5/5 x 1
1/2 sw ld x 2
30 tr
40 2 hd sw
5 min = 100 sw
(4.25 = 100 sw, intermediate)
(3.5 = 100 sw, advanced)

total workout
30 min = 600 swings
(25.5 min = 600 sw, intermediate)
(21 min = 600 sw, advanced)

If you are training at an intermediate level and you want to make this workout closer to 30 minutes then I suggest you push yourself slightly and repeat the last rotation at the advanced level intervals of only 15 sec.. This will add 100 more swings and another 3.5 minutes to your workout for a total of 29.0 minutes and 700 swings.

If you are training at an advanced level I challenge you to repeat the last two rotations without any rest between the four combinations, taking 1 minute rest between the two sets. That means you end the workout with two 100 rep sets, adding 6 minutes and 200 more swings for a total of 800 swings in 27 minutes.


Nadine said...

I did the workout you posted on 9.10.11 as Rx'd with the 14kg, and then just to spice it up, I did it with the 12kg with all 15 seconds rest! I must have been channelling you!! ;)
I'm going to try this tomorrow as you suggested, with the last 2 rounds with no rest between the combinations. I'm not crazy though, so I am going to use the 12kg! =)

Also, I am lovin' the 1/2 sw ld!!


Tracy Reifkind said...

Hey Nadine!

You are a godd example of someone that is at a level of understanding how to "self scale"

As I talk about in this video, size of the bell (weight), work to rest intervals, or both!

Many times I will get an "idea" from what someone else is doing, like going heavy or going long.....although that hasn't happened in a long time as I'm plenty busy with my own routines!

since I teach/lead so many classes I'm constantly trying out combinations that fit into my class time frame....ask anyone in my classes and they will tell you if a class is scheduled for 45 minutes, then it's 45 minutes to the second! No one gets out early and we don't "shoot the shit" between sets! If you can talk, it's not hard enough!

Glad you are using the workouts, that's why I post them!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Oh....and I'm loving the 1/2 sw ld too, I can't believe it's taken me over 1 year to share it!

More to come.....

Nadine said...

I did this this morning! I used the 12kg and totally ROCKED the workout! I did it as Rx'd. It was so much fun!!! =)
800 swings in 27 minutes! The time just flew by!

Thanks again!

Candice said...

Thanks for sharing this, Tracy! It's money!!

Hanneke said...

Great workout again. Did it with very little rest and the last 2 sets no rest at all. Thanks!!