Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Greetings from Hungary!

Mark and I have been so freakin' busy....in a great way but I had to touch base real quickly....

It's already Tuesday afternoon, two days since Level 1 RKC ended and I just now have a few minutes to post a picture. Congratulations to all who passed their RKC this past weekend! I'm just as impressed this year as I was last to the commitment to learning the RKC system of training and the level of strength and fitness shown by all who attended.

When I have time I can't wait to post pictures and details of THE best meal I've had in Hungary, prepared by our dear friend Judith Lantos and hosted at her home along with her family and another dear friend Aniko Balazsik. Seriously amazing....seriously!

I will also post my new 100"s workout that I designed especially for my Hungarian friends that invited me into their private gym to lead them through swings last night. Whew, I'm going to call it The Hungarian Hundred, which is actually a 1000 swing workout based on a progressive 3 to 1 workload! Hundreds of swings as well as hundreds of snatches.....two whole hours of kettlebell balistics! This morning I felt as if I had lost 5 lbs just from training last night! (humidity will do that.....forget Bikrams!)

PS I did not overpack....I'm needing every one of my 16 tank tops!


Alison and Larry said...

Looking great Tracy - how's the food?

Maribel said...

Awesome pic! I have to admit, I love that you get to go all over the WORLD to teach, but we do miss you! Can't wait to have you back to ourselves...yes, I'm spoiled, I know ;)

Have fun and be safe