Monday, August 1, 2011

Do I need to take 16 tank tops?

I'm in the middle of packing for our trip to Hungary the day after next. I'm actually ahead of schedule this time spending more time organizing the rest of my house as I'm setting the things aside that need to come with me. I've got a couple of lists going and checking things off as I go. I did not stay for a double Bikram practice this morning, instead I used the extra time running the errands that needed to take priority. I do not want to be rushing around at the last minute trying to get out the door.

One of the things that I normally do last minute is pack my lunch. Even though I have so much healthy snacky food in the fridge, it always takes me longer than I think to package it all up. In the mean time Mark is tapping his toes waiting with the car running! All that food gets heavy too! But this time I'm trying to settle for a happy medium. I'm not taking so much bulk and I may be relying on purchased supplimental foods like yogurt.

Only one time did I leave for a trip without anything packed from home and it was a mistake....I did give it a honest go though! Once I got to the airport and was ambushed with all of the King-size, sugary, salty snacks all I could think about was being constipated for a couple of days, and that's no way to start a vacation! I've got to have some kind of live foods.

Everything is pre-packaged, measured and ready to go.

apples (TJ's had a really delicious batch of fuji's this week)
cheese ( five 1 oz blocks. 2 sheeps milk from FM and Manchego)
pate (I'll take a frozen portion from my freezer. It should last at least 8 hours)
raisins (1.5 oz portions)
cooked lentils (1/2 c portions)
live trail mix (celery,carrot,peanuts,raisins)
cherries (left over from the weekend)
Starbuck Via instant coffee
grape nuts (1/2 c portions)
a small kale salad (I have a ton of leftover blanched kale)

I'm not stressed about taking anything really, it's just that I have the time so why not?

Now for the clothing....and shoes.... Well, I got word that it's rainy, so sandals are out. The original Cert site has been changed because of weather so it must be wet! Long pants, no skirts, or shorts....that makes it easy! How much am I going to work out? I need clothes to train in. Chances are I'll be picking up a kettlebell every one of the three days both Certs are scheduled for...that means I might get a little sweaty. And I'm looking forward to guest teaching a couple nights during the week that I'm there (goodness, did "socksleeves" make the list?) so I'm hoping to get my own workouts done at least 4 of the days I'm there.....let's see....3 + 4 + 3 = 10. Ten workout outfits.

I'd love to practice some yoga while I'm there, but I'm not putting any money on it! (unless it's in my own hotel room).

There is a chance that I'll get to wear "civilian" clothes! That's what I call non-workout clothes! But will I do it? I've gotten in the habit of layering tank tops underneath all of my t-shirts and I often wear them to bed, but do I need to bring 16 of them? Edit, edit, edit!

Tomorrow is my last full day at home and I've got my food done, my clothes in a pile, my personals still need to be organized so I can still like train a regular schedule the next day and a half, which includes (Mark's going to kill me) yoga the morning we leave. The deal I've made with myself is that I can only go if I'm fully packed and ready to go before I leave for class.

Looks like I'll hit the ground running in the morning.....thank God I don't have to pack a kettlebell!

Did you ever forget anything really important on a trip? Did you ever not "over-pack"? What kinds of things do you just plan to buy when you arrive?


Juci RKC said...

Hope the trip will be all right. See you guys soon :)

(10 workouts, Oh My God. When on vacation, I usually don't even think about touching a kettlebell with a 10-feet pole) :)

Maribel said...

Since tanks and workout clothes in general are small and light, I think 10 outfits is reasonable. If you have access to a washer, you can easily half that and wash one day while you're there...even hand wash in the sink would be fine.

I also like to add 1 "nice" outfit in case of a party or a night out.

The first trip to Mexico I did this year I definitely overpacked. This time I halved what I took and washed halfway through. I did have to take a 10k, so that was a motivating factor.

Have fun and have a safe trip.

Roland said...

I went to Bulgaria last summer and dramatically overpacked and didn't use half of it.

This last weekend, I overpacked for a fitness and nutrition clinic in Portland, and didn't use half of it.

It was worth it, every time for the peace of mind. Once you're checking a bag, just make that bag worth your while!

Enjoy your trip!