Sunday, August 21, 2011

Back to Badass. Hungarian Hundred Slide Show and Advanced Version

Finally I'm feeling like my old badass self! I don't often use that word, "badass", to describe how I feel about myself because I don't really feel like "a" badass, I just feel badass...there's a difference and everyone that trains kettlebells knows what I'm talking just comes with the territory!

I've posted a couple of versions of my Hungarian Hundred swing workout based on the original....the hardest, the most boring long repetitve swing sets only for the truly badass! (do I really expect anyone to do this workout? No....but maybe that's a challenge....) I might of mentioned before that the original name of these routine was "1-2-3 to 1" because the theme is to progressively work up to a 3 to 1 work/rest ratio. This workout totals 1000 swings!

While in Hungary I had the honor of being invited by Judit Lantos to guest teach a couple of classes in her kb dungeon. The first class was more of a beginning/inter level and that was the first time I had made modifications, which I posted along with an intermediate version. But the second class was the advanced.....and I held back none of the boring stuff! Little did I know how long the entire workout would take so I did cut them (and me) a break in order to get in some snatch training (sorry I put you through it guys!) To me swings are like vegetables.....always eat your veggies first!

1-2-3 to 1 workout (Advanced Hungarian Hundred)

Equal work/rest

10 2 hd sw 15/15
20 2 hd sw 30/30
30 2 hd sw 45/45
40 2 hd sw 1.0/1.0

5.0 min 100 swings

1 to 1 + 2 to 1

10 tr 15/15
10 tr + 10 2 hd sw 30/15
20 tr 30/30
20 tr + 20 2 hd sw 1.0/30
30 tr 45/45
30 tr + 30 2 hd sw 1.5/45
40 tr 1.0
40 tr + 40 2 hd sw 2.0/1.0

12.5 min (19.5 total time)
300 swings (400 swings total)

1 to 1, + 2 to 1, + 3 to 1

5/5 x 1 15/15
5/5 x 1 + 10 tr 30/15
5/5 x 1 + 10 tr + 10 2 hd sw 45/15
5/5 x 2 30/30
5/5 x 2 + 20 tr 30/15
5/5 x 2 + 20 tr + 20 2 hd sw 1.5/30
5/5 x 3 45/45
5/5 x 3 + 30 tr 1.5/45
5/5 x 3 + 30 tr + 30 2 hd sw 2.25/45 (we got all the way to this point! well done guys!)
5/5 x 4 1.0/1.0
5/5 x 4 + 40 tr 2.0/1.0
5/5 x 4 + 40 tr + 40 2 hd sw 3.0/1.0

22.5 min (42.0)
600 swings (1000 swings)
Averages out to 42 sec work/18 sec rest

We stopped 240 swings and 9 minutes short of the entire workout, but still managed almost 800 swings in about 1/2 hour! I had planned on a full 60 minutes of ballistics but forgot about the first 15 min of joint mobility so there were a couple of people wanting to get on with some snatch practice...on with a 1-2-3 to 1 snatch workout.....and wait until you get my 1000 rep snatch workout!

Slideshow above: I was also lucky enough to have the whole workout video taped by Gabor Rode who did a fabulous job putting a slideshow together to some of my favorite training music. He also posted two 10 minute long videos on (just type in my name in search).


EszterCs said...

Thank you so much for the details. My brain was on auto-pilot for that 2nd class.
We will send you the full uncut video on DVDs, as soon as Gabor finishes rebuilding his computer - geeks do that all the time.

Tracy Reifkind said...


So happy you commented! It was a joy training with you and all the others. Since you stayed for both classes you easily did way over 1000 swings....badass for sure!

That day with Judit was the highlight of my trip and I can only hope that it will not be the last time!

The videos came out great! Much thanks and appreciation to Gabor.

Tracy Reifkind said...

PS...Eszter is the cute redhead in the pics!

Maribel said...

you all look badass in that video. Oh, and I'm convinced you HAVE to be badass to do that Hungarian 100. It's humbling for sure!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I think it's about wearing all black!