Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Tuesday Workout (s)

6-7am All Level Swing Group Training @ Girya

warm up w/12kg
10 2 hand sw x 3
10 tr x3
60 swings ( 3 min.)

1st block of work sets 45 work/15 sec rest (30 reps per set) w/12kg

10 2 hd sw, 10 tr, 5/5 (1 hand sw) x 2
10 2 hd sw, 8 tr, 6/6 x 2
10 2 hd sw, 6 tr, 7/7 x 2
10 2 hd sw, 4 tr, 8/8 x 2
10 2 hd sw, 2 tr, 9/9 x 2
10 2 hd sw, 10/10 x 2
30 2 hd sw x 2

420 swings (14 min.)

In preparation for the 1000 continous swings w/16kg challenge, I'm making my class train alongside, as I hope we'll all be able to do it together!

2nd block of work sets w/12kg & 14kg

5 minutes of roundabouts w/12kg = 200 swings
1 min. rest
5 minutes of roundabouts w/14kg = 200 swings
1 min. rest
3 minutes 5/5 (1 hd sw) w/12kg = 120 swings
1 min. rest
3 minutes 5/5 (1 hd sw) w/14kg = 120 swings
1 min. rest
20 minutes work = 640 swings

total so far.....38 minutes = 1120 swings

now for a few snatches...oh, and a few more swings

1 sw, 1 sn, 1 tr x 12 = 1 min. / 30 sec rest (this a moderate pace)
1 sw, 1 sn, 1 tr x 14 = 1 min. / 30 sec rest (same combination, but a bit faster)
1 sw, 1 sn, 1 tr x 16 = 1 min. / 30 sec rest (same combination, but as fast as you can go)

These three sets were done in an uphill pacing ladder with rest inbetween sets. The last set was a 3 minute set, combining all three, done in opposite order (downhill pacing ladder).

1 sw, 1 sn, 1 tr x 16 = 1 min. (same combination, but as fast as you can go)
1 sw, 1 sn, 1 tr x 14 = 1 min. (same combination, but a bit slower)
1 sw, 1 sn, 1 tr x 12 = 1 min. (slowing down again to this moderate pace)

46 minute workout

7:15-8:15am Equinox Max based Workout

Quick warm up of swings and a few snatches. At this point who's counting warm up swings? On to 36:36......

16 sn R, rest, 16 sn L, rest
17 sn R, rest, 17 sn L, rest
18 sn R, rest, 18 sn L, rest
19 sn R, rest, 19 sn L, rest
20 sn, R, rest, 20 sn L, rest

10 sets down.....

20 sn R, rest, 20 sn L, rest x 10

20 sets down.....let's switch it up to 36:36:36

20 sn R, 20 sn L, rest
19 sn R, 19 sn L, rest
18 sn R, 18 sn L, rest
17 sn R, 17 sn L, rest
16 sn R, 16 sn L, done.... (I forgot to mention that this was freakin hard! The last three sets my grip was about to give up on the last 2-3 reps on each side...seriously! I'm surprised there wasn't a flying bell in the air a couple of times!)

560 snatches

After about 1 or 2 minutes, now swings. Let's stay with the time on the Gymboss, 36 sec. intervals.

25 2 hand swings w/14kg
25 2 hand swings w/16kg
25 2 hand swings w/20 kg
25 2 hand swings w/16kg
25 2 hand swings w/14kg
25 2 hand swings w/16kg
25 2 hand swings w/20kg
25 2 hand swings w/16kg
25 2 hand swings w/14kg
25 2 hand swings w/16kg
25 2 hand swings w/20kg

250 swings.

On to Level 2 skills practice

pull up
hanging leg raise

misc stuff....

30 minutes Spinning

Shower, and off to Lululemon Palo Alto to demo and teach the Swing!

PS If anyone actually reads this and cares, I'd be amazed!


Mark Reifkind said...

who can match what you do my love? that is amazing work.olympian.

Tracy Reifkind said...


all anyone has to do is to show up on a regular basis! After feeling like I got my ass handed to me this past weekend, I have much more to work on....and that's OK!

Mark Reifkind said...

what separates the best from the rest is the willingness to work what's weak and put it all on the line for real.

those who are constantly searching to be better and are not satisfied are the ones who make progress.

but enjoy your sucesses as well as plan for your future conquests.

I am so proud of you :))

Diana said...

"PS If anyone actually reads this and cares, I'd be amazed!"

I swear I care! I just wish I didn't have to like read it over and over and over to "get it"! You have great ideas and train amazingly-why the hell else would I have picked you for my RKC coach?
My biggest "success" was failing that HKC-it made me such a beast to want the RKC!!
Thank God we're old enough to reallize that it takes a couple of failures to finally reach ultimate success!
Even without all this kb crap, I was still successful for the person I was, kb's just brought "me" out stronger than ever!
OK, this is going too long.....

Jen said...

I read it!! and I care! It wears me out and like Diana said, I have to read it over a few times to take it all in :)

You're the best!

Jen said...

P.S., That's soooo kewl that you're teaching at Lululemon! Are they paying you in clothes?? (the things that dreams are made of!)

Tracy Reifkind said...


Just when i was full of my own bullshit, I took the Level 2!

No worries though, I'll be able to coach you through Level 2....I'm a better person, a better trainer, a better athlete. And in addition to all of that? I'm humbled.

Thank you so much for your suppor, trust and, belief in me.

Tracy Reifkind said...


OMG! You should see all of the free stuff I got! OK, I'll teach a few gals to swing, and in return? More Lulu! OK....twist my arm, lol!

PS I'm stealing "kewl" that's so "kewl"....can I be like you when I grow up?

Michelle said...

I LUUUVVV reading all of your posts!! You are such an inspiration. I share your kettlebell story with so many women! Hey, what are "roundabouts?" AND when is that DVD coming out??

Tracy Reifkind said...


Funny you should ask....

The roundabout is in my DVD, which should be available by the end of the month.

But in the mean time, if you google "tracy roundabout" the first link will be my blogpost about it, or just copy the link below.


Anonymous said...

I was reading this intently and the last line made me laugh. I love reading about your workouts.

I've commented before about my obsession with Lululemon. How awesome that you're teaching there and you get free stuff? Sweet!

I am anxiously awaiting your DVD. I know it will be fab.

Tracy Reifkind said...


Once my video is released I can start to post more of my workouts because the DVD contains a couple of my training techniques and methods that I have not written about before.

As I've mentioned a few times, I'm a long story teller, and since I won't be explaining so much I can write about the nitty gritty....hey, maybe those will be the names of my next two adopted kitties....nitty and gritty, lol

And FREE Lululemon! Yesterday I got the new dress/skirt/top in purple and green....FAB!

Dirigo said...

I care, I care, and that is why I read......you are an inspriation to many.
I love trying to follow your workout, but it is way beyond me for the time being. I will get there, if I keep up the determination. Struggling is part of getting better and being human.
Ps, I wish I lived in California


Meg Lloyd, RKC said...

Of course I read to the end (just not always promptly). I have to know how the workout ends so that someday, maybe when I'm bored, I'll do it myself.

Unlikely but thanks for posting it anyway.