Thursday, July 22, 2010

Thursday Presses....the gist of it

5:45am-6:30am, first thing is a 1-on 1 PT appt. then up to PA Equinox for a 7:00am Beginning class.

Thursday workout is always doubles. Lots and lots of doubles. Presses, cleans (tons of dbl clns...I love them), double swings and squats w/dbls. But today it turned out to be mostly presses. Here's the gist of my press workout this morning, and then I went on to 25 minutes of 1 min. work/30 sec rest swing combinations with the 12 & 16kg. Next class swings and snatches w/12 for an additional 30 + minutes.

6 dbl cl press w/12's x 5 (30:30) strict

3 cl pr R, 2 cl ppr L w/16 x 5 (30:30) strict on R, ppr on L

3 cl ppr R w/16 rest and alternate with 3 cl ppr L w/16 x 3 (15:15)

6 dbl cl press w/12's x 5 (30:30)

3 cl jk R, 3 cl jk L w/16 x 3 (30:30)

6 dbl jk w/12's x 5 (30:30)

26 minutes of strict press, push press and jerks.

My intention was, as always, to strict press as many reps until I have to start push pressing, or using the jerk but, I have been training and teaching alot and when I got to the gym this morning my back was as tight as it's ever been. So tight I thought I should probably take it easy, if not completely off from training! I don't know if it's too much Bikrams (blogpost to come), or it's from teaching kettlebells practically everyday....

Strict pressing dbl 12's is no problem, but when I switched to the 16 I only got out one strict press! Only one....yikes, but I felt it. If I had been not been training intervals, but focused on the lift my training would have went differently, but Level 2 weekend caught up with me....but so what! I still showed up, made the adjustments and came away with a nice workout!

Pull-up training took up the next 40 minutes of gym time. I've stopped Spinning for a few weeks. I decided to not go to Bikrams (9:30-11:00am), instead, shower, and walk for 30 minutes before my last client of the day.

I usually do my last workout with Mark from 12-1:00pm @ Girya, more Level 2 stuff (pistol, windmills, bentpresses), but he did his workout earlier when he found out he had a couple of cancellations, so I didn't get the rest of my training in....good thing I've already passed those other Level 2 skills!

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