Friday, November 6, 2009

Searching for What I Already Know

Man, this past 1 1/2 years has been a rollercoaster. Lots of things changing in my life, back and forth, up and down.....and it sure has reflected in my bodyweight......or should I say in my eating patterns.....

I was having a conversation with my grandaughters 'other Grandmother' about losing weight, and because she hadn't known about my own weightloss story she was, of course, surprised having only known me at my current size. I happened to have one copy of the Vitalics magazine in my car and showed her the article which included a 'before picture', as well as my beginning diet and workout routines. She glossed over everything and said to me "So you mean all of the answers are right here? All I have to do is this?" And I said to her, "You don't need to know how I did it, you already know how to do it, everyone does!"

What I mean, and what I meant, by that is, when you read books/articles, see pictures, talk with people that have had success in losing weight what you need from these things is inspiration, not facts. Although their weightoss facts may inspire, that's not what I mean. My own exact menus and workout routines may not be right for you, but something similar may be, and can inspire you to remember what you already know, or what you know you need to learn. Inspiration may include a literal translation in change, but what we are all searching for is motivation. Being inspired to make small, or even big changes can provide more motivation for more inspiration.

This is one reason why I stopped including blogposts with the exact details of my food/calorie count, bodyweight and BF%, instead I've been trying to think of inspiring things to write about....I haven't been too successful, sometimes writing instead about getting stuck in a downward spiral of negativity looking for the answers to the "whys" in my life.

Why am I gaining weight?
Why me?
What does this mean?
Why now?
How am I going to lose this weight?
Can I lose this weight?
When will this end?
When will this turn back around?
Why me?
What will people think?

Did I just turn into some kind of victim? Yuck. I've said many times before that I don't think we need look back into the past to find out the "why's", instead focus on the present and future. I don't know why most of the things in my life happened the way they did, but so what. What I need to focus on are the things I do know.

I haven't been walking regulary, but I went for a walk the other day...... I love walks, it's my time to meditate and I come up with so many good thoughts and ideas when I walk, and I always feel good when I walk....and one of the thoughts I had was how I had been spending so much time and energy worried that I was going to fail, and looking for ways not to fail, that I forgot I knew how to succeed! I already know how to succeed, so what the hell have I been looking for? (I know I need to walk, by the did I forget that one? Walking is my #1 exercise!)

I believe that everyone knows how to lose weight. If you, or anyone, has ever purposely lost one pound, then you could lose 100 pounds. How could it be any different? Remember that you already know the facts and ask instead for inspiration to create motivation to put your body and mind into action!

I'll blog soon about the recent inspiration that came to me and how it's motivated me to make the diet and workout changes I know I need to make, and I know how to make, to reach some new goals in my good life.

PS this is why I changed the order of my blog title to transforming "thought" first


Jen said...

Very nice Tracy...thank you for your inspiration from this blogpost! I "get" it and you are so right! Bottle this and you'd be a zillion-aire!!

Thanks for this great post!


Christine said...

I like the kitty in the foreground of your pic. All three of mine seem to think KB swinging time is the best time to weave in and out of my legs, purring. Will they never learn?

Tracy Reifkind said...


A Zillion dollars would be great! But I have something more health!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Man, you have better "kitty radar" than I have!

I train a couple of gals in my garage gym and of my two outside cats, Jello (Jo-jo, the tortie in the picture) and Batman (black of course), Jello knows better, and although she does a little weaving herself she has the best manners! Batman on the other hand....he lives dangerously, lol

Batman by the way has lost over 5lbs! 23 lbs down from 28! That's alot of weight for a cat.