Friday, November 27, 2009

My Poor Little Fingertips....

Just a short post on how sore my little fingertips are! Just like an impatient cook, I'm always trying to carve that damn turkey before it cools.......Ouch!

I haven't cooked Thanksgiving dinner on the "actual" Thankgiving Thursday in eons, instead I'll cook dinner on Friday, Sat. or in my true tradition I roasted my turkey this evening and after smelling, and looking at this perfectly, brown, roast-ey turkey, I had to tear off the wings and start in on it!

Yesterday I didn't have anywhere to go, or no one to expect over for food, so I was able to just practice my hobby of cooking. I made my sweet potatoes in two differnt ways...blogpost to come....and after getting guavas and persimmons from Meg, (she evidently is the only person on the planet with a freakin' guava tree!), I made cranberry guava sauce and today I tried cranberries with persimmons....yummy... Sliced my bread for stuffing, and prepped my onions, celery and parsley....

I put a 12 lb turkey in the oven @ around 3:30pm and just finished putting everything away for tomorrow.

First thing in the morning, Max Vo2 @ 8:00am, two classes, Farmers market for string beans and potatoes.....a bottle of red wine......dinner time? About 4:30....should I attempt 12 noon yoga? Nothing fancy....maybe! Right now my poor little fingertips are there anything better than juicy, butterey, flaming hot, crunchy, turkey skin?


Mark Reifkind said...

"is there anything better than juicy, butterey, flaming hot, crunchy, turkey skin? "

just you my sweet :))

Happy Anniversary!

Tracy Reifkind said...'re the sweet one...

Happy 22 years and one day, my love.