Sunday, November 1, 2009

Back to Max....

Mark and I were in Santa Barbara last weekend and I decided to take off my Saturday KB training and just relax and enjoy some time with our lovely friends, Greg and Jen Mishkin, who were generous enough to share their home with us (and a few really good bottles of wine!)

Mark went down to Ventura to join a few SR RKC's and Team Leaders to assist Pavel's Bodyweight Training Workshop, where he taught and demonstrated the handstand segment as well as his gymnastic tension drills.

Mark joined us for Max early Saturday morning as well. One of his regular training partners moved away a couple of months ago, and the other one has alot of other commitments that cause him to miss workouts more often than not, so I'm more than happy to snag him as my training partner at any, and every, chance!

Since I missed my 16kg Max training last week, I had to try and pick up where I left off....

Max V02 60 sets

7/7 x 50 sets
8/8 x 10 sets

5/5 x 10
6/6 x 10
7/7 x 30
8/8 x 10

I started off straight into sets of 7/7, and I knew there would be no 8's for me this day, which was fine as it would still be a PR.....I think I had only done 50 sets of 7 previous, but I have to look back to last years training log. Mark and I went at the same time and although we were both snatching 7 reps I tried to keep up with Mark snatching his 7 at an 8 rep pace. I wrote about pacing in my last post about Max.

Meg started out with 5's and then 6's, also at a fast pace before settling into her 7 rep pace.....and then at the end of our workout with 10 sets left to go she announces that she's going to snatch 8's for the remainder of the workout! What!

No way in hell was she snatching 8's and I was snatching 7's....I think I've been called out (LOL, really, it was my own ego calling me out, not Meg!) Eights it was. Fine.

Next class.....

Planks, hangs, and then swings.....swings for an additional 30 minutes.

Next class....more swings, but since it was a "Learn" and Beginning class I didn't have to do much actual swinging, it was more teaching...starting, stopping for another 30-45 minutes. The Farmers Market in Palo Alto, a small Pumkin Spice latte at Peet's, and then Mark and I went to 12 noon Bikrams. (hey, a girls' gotta earn her wine with dinner!)

Next week, back to 8's.....Meg too!


Mark Reifkind said...

wow.not only were the 8's 'fine', they were KILLER. You just stepped on the gas and they were flying. It is my honor and pleasure to train with you, although truth be told it always scares me as I KNOW I will have to step up to plate and make sure my game is on.
You are one of the best athletes I have ever trained with and you know I just don't say that because we are married,lol.
As I told you yesterday, training with you reminds me of training with Kelii, one of the top female powerlifters of all time that I was honored to train and coach.She also had that never quit attitude. Training with her scared me in the same way because I KNEW there was no slacking to be had if my ego was to stay intact.
well done honey :))

Tracy Reifkind said...


Make no mistake....I would never do, or could never do this kind of training whithout you. Training alongside you is one of my proudest accomplishments.