Tuesday, December 2, 2008


As I mentioned in an earlier blogpost....I have stuff I want to say, stuff I want to write about bursting out me......so much that I can't even start to organize it in any kind of way. Some of it is, what I think, valuable insight, some of it is simple rants, maybe of no value to anyone, only it may make me feel better, lol. Hmmnn....feel better.....I didn't realize I needed to feel better.....hmmnn.

How much food do we really need?
The biology of food obsession
Living like an athlete
Never stepping on the scale ever again...for the rest of my life...so extreme
Too much food
Cute underwear
Overtraining out of fear
The straight and narrow
No symapthy / having compassion
Life's too short to not eat oatmeal
Calorie police
Why can't I simply go to the grocery store?
Liking what I see
Is one good, strong yoga class better than 2 weak yoga classes?
Beating myself up, self infilcted judgements
Body dysmorphia
Too opinionated
The "fat bandwagon" , "Ruby", and other TV shows
Complicated recipes...to many ingredients, and bullshit food snobbery
My life is a blog
The great giveaway....clearing the physical and mental messes in our lives
What we think we deserve, or don't deserve
Excuses, laziness, ingnorance, if we can, we must
Focusing on what we don't want
Sweating the small stuff....what is the small stuff?
Who really cares about what the hell I have to say?
Am I special?
Did I do something special?
Why does it matter?

blah, blah,blah


Christine said...

I think I like 'cute underwear' and 'life is too short not to eat oatmeal'.... and the fact that they're listed in the same train of thought. I've always wanted to use 'oatmeal' and 'underwear' in a sentence.....

fawn said...

You sound normal to me...
Miss you Tracy.

Jennifer said...

Now I'm just as anxious to hear what you have to say about these topics as you are to say it. I'm already commiserating just hearing the "teaser."

leslie said...

I have a few answers!

Q:Who really cares about what the hell I have to say?
A:EVERYONE who weighs too much (66% of the adult population) SHOULD care. I absolutely DO care as does everyone who's lucky enough to have found your blog!
Q:Am I special?
A:Darn right you're special. You're smart, passionate, articulate, and influential!
Q:Did I do something special?
A:YES YOU DID! Many spend their whole lives trying to do what you did.
Q:Why does it matter?
A:I don't know the answer here, but I know I'm cooking for my family more because of you. And others are moving more because of you. And with every person who makes a change, generations can be changed. (That may sound dramatic, but it's true!)

Iron Tamer said...

Looking forward to the book.......

Tracy Reifkind said...


Those will be the next 2 blog posts, lol!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Normal like you! Miss you too, I wish Mark was scheduled for more work in MN next year, but as least I'll see you for sure in Oct. '09.

Tracy Reifkind said...


"My life is a blog" is because every other sentence I say ends with...."I gotta write a blogpost about that" Ask anyone that talks to me...lol

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm not sure anyone wants to hear the truth! 66% of the adult population and growing everyday...it's amazing and scary.

It's easy to fault modern times, because ultimately bodyweight and health are up to the individual, but I do believe many chose to fall victim to the conveniences of modern times....that, and everyone wants someone else to do it for them....they want someone else to "give" them the answers...."What should I eat? Can't I just open up a package? I don't have time to cook"...."How should I exercise? You mean I have to keep it up? Can't I just do it a few times and get in shape? It's hard...."...."You mean I have to change my life? I like my life....except for the 'fat thing"....can't I just change that?" more about that another time....

Tracy Reifkind said...


Hmmnn...a book....yes....people like to read more than they like to "do"!

The idea of a book has been suggested many times to me, even by Pavel (he encourages everyone to write a book, maybe I'm not that special, lol)

Really though, the thing that stops me is the overwhelment of it all. I can't possibly say everything I want to say in a book, but I need to start somewhere...the important part of that sentence is "start".....Any ideas?

Jennifer said...

With regard to the book. Yes, the idea of putting so many thoughts to paper is intimidating, but very doable. Start with a list of things you want to right about then organize an outline around that. Work out from there. It's doable. I promise,and I'd bet money that publishing would NOT be an issue.