Friday, December 26, 2008

Christmas....just another day, or is it Christmas everyday?

The actual day of December 25th, Christmas day, hasn't been anything but just another day around my house for years. We are not a religious family, and with our boys grown, neither one of them asked for anything special, and if Christmas falls an a training day, then it's no different than any other day, really. Is that bad....or sad....or what? I've never felt bad or sad about it, because I have everything I want. I mean if I really thought about it, my life is like Christmas everyday!

If it's true that Christmas is about giving, what does that mean? Don't we all "give" everyday? What is a gift? We all give our friends and family, even strangers, gifts everyday, even if it's just a smile or kind word. I know when even the smallest of things go wrong we are quickly reminded the greatest of gifts are the simple things we take for granted. Life is a gift, our bodies are gifts, and we chose how to use them, and choice is the biggest gift. We chose how we treat others, and how we treat ourselves. I'm not going to deny that we may feel something special about someone taking the time to wrap up a pretty package, hiding a surprise meant just for you (or visa versa, you taking the time and effort), and isn't that what's really special, someone taking their precious time to do something for someone else?

So, December 25th is gone, how will that change what you give, or take for granted the next 364 days? Is everyday just "another day"? Or will you, can you, give and feel that Christmas spirit everyday?


La Saun R. Taylor said...

Yeah!! Wonder Women is Swingin!! Best wishes with your new kb classes!! I know they will be full and overflowing with a waitlist. Have a wonderful New Year Tracy!!

La Saun Taylor, RKC

Tracy Reifkind said...

La Saun,

I never stopped swinngin'! But I have to confess.....I had to re-learn NOT to swing those heavy freakin' bells creates a hungrer, which creates weight gain,(2-3lbs), but sometimes I can get into beinng "beefy"! Good Lord my quads, hamstrings, and ass look huge...but they're not really, I still fit into my size 6's!