Friday, July 25, 2008

Could It Be True?

Well, Tuesday I picked up some just picked summer squash from my friend Wayne, about 9 lbs, and guess what else? Tomatoes! Yes, tomatoes, the first of the season.

We seemed to have skipped spring this year, and then summer showed up here and there, in the form a heatwaves every few weeks, so the "homegrown" tomato season was sure to be late, even though tomatoes have been showing up at farmers markets for weeks now. Mark couldn't understand why I wouldn't buy tomatoes yet at the farmers market until I explained to him, in my opinion, if home gardeners were't getting tomatoes yet, they weren't in season! And, with the exception of one moment of weakness a couple of weeks ago I cannot buy, or eat a tomato that's not in season.

Oh man! A nice big salad with only lettuce, sweet tomatoes, sweet roasted, summer corn, good red wine vinegar and good quality olive oil...yum! So stinkin' good! Add in some pasta and a protein, like chicken, shrimp or beef (any kind of grilled steak, thinly sliced) and that's it!

Life is good, summer is great and tomatoes rock!

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