Monday, May 5, 2008


This was my favorite purchase from the farmers market on Saturday in Santa Barbara, two Cherimoyas. Here's more information about this fruit, I will definitely be looking for more in my local latin markets, the farmers markets, and the flea markets!

I wanted to make a shake out of it's thick and creamy flesh, adding it to some iced tea in the blender. But once I cut it open, I just couldn't wait, I had to eat it! Maybe the next one will end up in a smoothie.

My other farmers market purcahses were, baby carrots, more green garlic (before it disappears), purple scallions, and, how can I forget....super fresh English peas!


Elizabeth said...

In Australia these are called "Custard Apples" which is a good description, even though they are not even closely related to apples. They are delicious indeed!

Jen said...

Oh Tracy, Those Cherimoya's were my favorite too!! So yummy, like a Pina Colada.

We miss you and had such a good time having you here in Santa Barbara. It is just so great to be around friends that have the same interests.

Sharing the way you cook has transformed the way I cook. Veggies in everything and flavor everywhere! I made spaghetti for Greg's birthday tonight with my pressure cooker!! YAY!

My kettlebell swing is getting much better thanks to you.. thank you for helping me it it right.

I loved doing the Bikram yoga with you.. you are so graceful when doing your yoga poses. Thank you for introducing me to Bikram.

Thanks again for visiting and I hope you and Mark come back when you can!

Big Hugs, Jen

Lauren said...

I have never heard of Cherimoyas'. They sound delicious. I'm going to be on a hunt tomorrow to find one now!


Tracy said...


It's no wonder thay are called "custard", lol Mark laughed when he read my description, "thick and creamy flesh", but I told him, "That's what it's like!"

Tracy said...


The Cherimoyas are 'the bomb'!

I wish I lived closer! I can see how we can develop a great friendship, you guys are super cool! Your place was truly a home away from home for me!

So much more I can show you in the kitchen...but spagetti in the pressure that one you'll have to show me!

We need to connect some more about your beginning KB routines, let me know when you're ready, and have you made it back to Bikram? our 10 days will be up fast! And if it were me I'd be getting as much as I could in my 10 days!

I would love to come anytime I'm invited!

Tracy said...


You HAVE to find this fruit! Mark my wods, it's incredible!

I went around a few places yesterday and I couldn't find it, but the hunt continues! I might just have to go south again to "stock up:, lol

I scooped out the flesh of the second one and froze will end up in a smoothie some time this week!

Jen said...

Tracy, You are ALWAYS welcome here. Your room is ready anytime you are :)

The spaghetti sauce turned out super great... not sure if it was the merlot I used or the pressure cooker or both! But YUM!

Bikram will see me more in the second half of the 10 days than the first half unfortunately...too many things to fit in! 2 days a week for sure to get myself in the groove and my body shrinks it will be a lot easier too!

Good luck with your Cherimoya hunt.. if you can't find them let me know and I'll FedEx you some :)

Tracy said...


If push comes to shove I'll have you get a bunch of Cherimoyas, and when they're really ripe, scoop out the flesh and freeze! That's where my second one is right now....the freezer!

PS I would love to come again soon, but I'll check the price of flying, I just hated the 5 hour drive back home, lol!

Jen said...


I don't blame you about the drive home.. that's the worst part!

I did a search for airfares on and the best I can see is leaving SJC to Oxnard for $208 round trip... flying into Santa Barbara doubles it! One of the bummers about living here.

Jen said...


Look what I found!

It's organic fruit and they have Cheimoyas!!

Jen Muoto said...

Hi Tracy,

They have the Cherimoyas at Sigona's Farmers Market/Grocery Store at Stanford Shopping Center. They are grown in Santa Barbara, so they probably came from the same farm that yours came from. :o) Jen