Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Winter Tour 2015, Come Swing With Me! I can't do it for you, but I'll do it with you!

Last January I spent a few days in Milwaukee Wisconsin with my friend Diana lured with the promise of snowshoeing!  I grew up in California rarely leaving the state for most of my life, and yes, it's true, we do have snow in CA, but it's a 4 hour drive from where I am, and it's cold when it snows!  Besides, Diana's not here!  I had so much fun that this year I decided to lengthen the trip and include a quick stop in St Paul Minnesota to spend some time with my bestie Fawn Friday.  And since I'm going to be away from home for so long I need to swing on the road.....Winter Swing Tour 2015 was born :)  Funny story....when I called Fawn to ask if I could come, in January, she said, "You know it's going to be cold!"  But what better way to generate some heat than to swing?

Lucky me once "word" got out that I was planning on visiting Milwaukee again and wanting to find a place to teach a Swing Class, good old Facebook comes to the rescue!  Ryan Toshner of TNT Performance opened up his gym for me to offer a 1 hour Swing Class! ( (or find them on Facebook;  But Milwaukee is my second stop after St Paul, so I'll also be leading two swing classes at Fawn Friday Kettlebell Studio (, or find Fawn on FB;

Monday January 5th Fawn Friday Kettlebell Training

Thursday January 8th TNT Performance

Cost is $30 per person
Register by December 10th for a special surprise....almost as special as over 1000 swing reps!  lol

You will find links to sign up here on my blog (on the left sidebar) via Paypal.

If you live close enough to trek through the snow to come and swing with me I'd love to have you.....and there is no better way to kick off the New Year, and in fact kick off the New Year starting NOW, because you better start training for it!  I think it could be a great goal for anybody to stick to, or start, a regular swing practice during a time when typically people slack off, eat more and move less!

The class will be scalable to all levels, the only requirement is that you already know a proper and safe kettlebell swing.  This is not a class that I will teach the movement to new students, but I'll be leading beginning-advanced students through choreographed interval swing routines, TracyStyle!  If you need to learn how to swing then now is the time to contact Ryan or Fawn and get some practice in so you can join the fun!  Seriously, now's the time :)

And speaking of "Now's the Time"  This past week I celebrated one year of my 10 x 10 video posts.  It didn't start out all that pretty!  In fact I was motivated by a couple of friends that had contacted me for help because they had fallen off the wagon....the swing wagon!  So I'm sharing again, the very first 10 x 10 workout video I posted last year, AND my most recent 10 x 10....and you can find over 100 more on Youtube!  BUT better yet you an find me in person this January in St Paul and Milwaukee!

Some of you might remember this.....and if you haven't been training then it's perfect time for a reminder!  I can't do it for you....but I will do it with you!

And I'll continue because it not what I do, it's who I am...and I love it.


Diana said...

You are the Queen of swings and I love how you share your love of them with others....I'm the Queen of snow and I can't wait to walk in it, tube in it, sculpt in it and for sure, throw it at you!
I'm counting the days!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Yes, yes you are! Fingers crossed it's going to be happy snow, and not blizzard which case you better stock up on Disney movies and M & M's!

Gwen Krehbiel said...

I have read your book and been swinging for 2 years now with you. Love your DVDs and YouTube videos; I swing 3x's a week. I'm so excited to sign up for your St. Paul Swing. Can't wait. -Gwen

Tracy Reifkind said...


Awesome, thank you! It's going to be fun, especially because it sounds as if you'll be in great shape for it!