Sunday, July 21, 2013

"Two Hands to One" Sunday Training

These past two weeks I've quite a few new clients needing to learn one hand swings, or improve on the one hand swing technique. One of my favorite ways to teach it (among many) is to start with two hand swings and release one hand, continue on as if nothing had changed!  Of course most new students/clients have not built the cardio endurance to swing much more that 10 reps, so R and L are done in separate sets.  For a beginner I never confuse them with ladders, we are still practicing, so I almost always simply stick to 5/5.  In the case of this workout "5/5" means 5 two hand swings, dropping one hand on the 5th rep, and continuing on with either R or L.

For an advanced practice starting with two hand swings, then transferring to one, is a great technique to swing a much, much, much heavier bell with only one hand, and still get in some kind of volume (and you know I like volume!).  So with having taught this so much these past few weeks I simply applied to my own workout this morning.

In the video workout that I am posting I've already completed on entire round of 10 rep sets (the first part), and have started to go through the "Two Hands to One" ladders again.  The video starts on the 5th of the first 6 sets of 10 two hand swings.  It was not my intention to post the entire video, so I'm not really "leading" you or explaining the workout as I go along, but if you take a quick look at my short hand I'm confident you can get the gist of it and follow along if you like.

Whether or not you are brand new to one hand swings, and therefore are using an appropriate bell (maybe one size lighter that a bell for 2 hand swings, or the same one, but be warned it may feel heavy when you release one of your hands!), or using a super duper heavy bell, the workout is equally challenging!  It was for me!  Enjoy!

All 10 rep sets are done at 15 sec work to rest intervals (15/15).  All 20 rep sets are done 30/30 (work to rest intervals)


10 2 hd sw x 6
5 two hand swings / 5 one hand swing R
5 two hand swings / 5 one hand swing L
4 2 hd / 6 1 hd R, 4 2 hd / 6 1 hd L
3/7 R, 3/7 L
2/8 R, 2/8 L
1/9 R, 1/9 L
10 R, 10 L (20 reps total, 30/30)
repeat starting with the first 6 sets of 10 2 hd sw (video demo starts at the 5th set of 10 2 hd sw)
10 2 hd sw x 6
5/5 R, 5/5  L
4/6 R, 4/6 L
3/7 R, 3/7 L
2/8 R, 2/8 L
1/9 R, 1/9 L
10 R, 10 L (20 reps total, 30/30)

180 2 hd sw
180 1 hd sw
360 total 24kg swings
18 minutes

Now I combine the two separate sets of 10 reps into a set of 20, still combining two hand to one hand swings. Each set of 20 reps starts and ends with 2 hand swings. The one hand swings are "sandwiched" in between.

5 two hand swings, 5 R, 5 L, 5 2 hd sw (whoops, I just watched the video and forgot I laddered down
4/6 R / 6 L/4
3/7 R / 7 L/3
2/8 R / 8 L/2
1/9 R / 9 L/1
10 R/10 L
20 2 hd swings ends the workout.

....whoops, I just watched the video and forgot I laddered down the one hand swings.  Here is the exact progression, in reverse;

1 2 hd sw, 9 R, 9 L, 1 2 hd sw
2/ 8 R / 8 L/ 2
3/ 7 R / 7 L/3
4/ 6 R/ 6 L, 4
5/ 5 R,/5 L/ 5
20 2 hd sw

50 2 hd sw
90 1 hd sw
140 swings
7 minutes

230 2 hd sw
270 1 hd sw
500 total 24kg swings
25 minutes

Geez! I could not have planned it better if I tried!  Sweet!

The rest of my Sunday morning training.

Started off 40 minutes with single and double swing/clean presses (16, 14's and 12's)
Tested Maribel and Meg, 10 minute snatch set
24kg swing practice (above)
Intermediate class (14kg)
"Power-ful" swing ladder routine (love this one!)
36 single power swings
56 "powerful swings"
10, 20, 30, 40, 50, 60, 70, 80 swing rep sets (all equal work to rest)
2 hd, 10 tr, 2 hd, 2/1 sw ld, 2 hd, 5/5, 2 hd (sets 1-7 done backwards adding on)
10/10, 5/5, 2 hd, 2/1 sw ld, 2 hd, 10 tr, 2 hd (8th set)
360 swings
452 swings total.  Really?  It felt like more, lol!
20 minutes of clean/press practice (students used dbls, I used single)

GS snatch practice for competition.
GS swings and insertion drills, + 4 minute set.

45 minute walk and tan!

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