Monday, July 15, 2013

Saturday...I mean Sunday workout!

I'm so in the habit of posting "Saturday" workout!  Last weekend was the first weekend I committed to going up to Juno in Berkeley for GS team practice with OKC on Saturday, switching all of my high volume and group classes to Sundays!

Until I have more time to elaborate on the how and why I started to train this new (to me) combination of "double swing, clean, press" (or any overhead dbl skill, snatch, MP, pu pr, jerk following a swing first) here is what my Sunday morning workout consisted of;

misc warm up w/12kg

10 2 hd sw x 2
10 2 hd sw + 10 tr x 2
1 sw, cl/pr/tr (1 min/1 min) x 2
7 min.

Work sets double swing/cl/ press (30/30)

dbl sw cl/pr x 5 w/12kg's x 5 (25 reps total of each movement)
dbl sw cl/pr x 10 w/14kg's x 10 (50 reps total)
15 minutes

1 sw, dbl cl/sgl pr R, 1 sw, dbl cl/sgl pr L x 10 x 5 (50 dbl sw/cl, 25 dbl pr R, 25 dbl pr L)
10 min. (1 min work to rest x 5 sets)

(This is the video demo of the 3rd set (of 5) Since these sets were 1 minute in length, and I had never done them before, I decided to train them with the 14kg's this week, moving to the 16kg's next week.)

dead snatches 1 R, 1 L x 10 (I go, you go w/Meg)

15 minutes Max Vo2 w/14kg
240 snatches

Swings!  2 minute sets w/1 min rest
1 set w/14kg, 1 set w/16kg alternating (using a downhill progressive one hand swing ladder)

10/10 x 4 = 80 x 2
8/8 x 5 = 80 x 2
5/5 x 8 = 80 x 2
4/4 x 10 = 80 x 2
1 sw, 1 tr x 40 = 80 x 2

800 swings, 30 minutes (400w/14kg, 400 w/16kg)

Onto my Intermed class "work into rest"....
30 minutes of swings (including double swings, thanks to Matt)
clean/press practice (including doubles)
bottoms up clean and press practice (including doubles)
Get up practice

GS Snatch practice w/8kg

Saturday GS @ Juno

I had two sets to complete.  24/24 16kg Jerk in 4 minutes (12rpm).  I went a little fast on my R side completing the set in 3 min 40 sec.

16kg swing snatch, 10 minutes!  My first 10 minute set w/16kg!  Almost....yikes!  Damn!  20 sec left on my L side and the bell just ripped out of my hand on the snatch descend, falling to the floor behind me!  I just couldn't grip it tight enough to get at least one more snatch rep!  But I was thrilled with my rep count!  60 R/48 L. Even though these were not all snatches, a "swing snatch" is two reps, so 120 reps R and 96 reps L ain't too shabby!

And for those who are not familiar with Girya Sport, there is always only one hand switch per set, whether it's jerks, snatches, swing snatches (sw/sn are only done in practice).


Maribel said...

I missed our double sets on vacation! I will do this on Tuesday. Dbls are a love/hate type of thing for me. They're hard, so I sort of hate them, but they're hard so I sort of love them LOL

Tracy Reifkind said...


I hear you! No worries though! Doubles on Sunday!

Hanneke said...


I miss your workouts!

Tracy Reifkind said...


That is so sweet of you to say! I'm touched!

Facebook takes up a large portion of my time I used to blog. The other thing that happened was that I kind of upset one of my training partners/students with video taping every workout, so I had to stop because it's not fair to my clients that pay me to workout! I just can't recreate the same workout and demonstrate it a second time. Energy just does not allow.

I'll find a way to fix it and get back to posting more video, and at least the written workout with a small video demonstration!