Sunday, October 21, 2012

"Good" Enough

It is super duper rare that you will find me posting a "motivational phrase".  It's because that although I know most people that share these types of phrases find motivation themselves through reading the words, and have the best of intentions, personally, I would rather hear (or read) what exactly it was for them, how it affected a part of their life, and in what way it motivated some kind of change for them.

So, if I post a motivation phrase then I will indeed share what it means to me and how it changes how I think, in a positive way.  Afterall I'm not just interested in what and how I think, I'm also interested in your thoughts, and what you have found works to better improve your life.

For the longest of time I've believed I was special. In fact I may even dare to say from the day I was born.  But I believe that, truly, everybody, either openly or secretly, believes the same.  You may say that you don't, but really, I don't believe it.

I don't think I'm any more special than anybody else, but I do think that simply recognizing, and not apologizing for, having that feeling may make me "different" from some.  I'm more than delighted to be around people that value themselves in the same way.  We are all individual and unique, not having to "try".  And the more and more we stay "true to ourselves" the more different we are from eachother.

Being different, feeling different in most ways doesn't have to mean not being the same in a lot of other ways.  We are also the same in many ways!  For instance, we are all special! The same...but not the same!

Be good.  When you are good, through action, thought, or intent, then what ever you are, who ever you are, where ever you are, is a great place to be.  You don't have to try and be something other than that.

Feel good.  We all know what that feels like!  Even if, sometimes, we can only use the example of NOT feeling good!  For sure we know what that feels like!

I once heard some of the best advice.

Only do things that make you feel good.
Only say words that make you feel good.
Only wear clothes that make you feel good.
Only eat foods you feel good about.

And when you don't, or feel you can't, know that you get closer and closer all the time, in fact today may be the day, that all of that changes for you!

PS You will never see a post shared by me with a "motivational phrase" that uses the image of a female, 20 something year old fitness model or competitive athlete for motivation! (or male to be honest)  I'm not saying it's wrong, it's just that I do not find it motivational in any sense of the word or feeling!  If you do, then more power to you!  

And I'm not "hating", it's just that I know, or I should say "suspect", that most women, fit or fat have thoughts about their body image that would probably surprise most of us.  But I'm just guessing.


fred from nashville said...

my dear tracy, please dont forget the other inspirational phrase by frank zappa..."dont eat the yellow snow"

Tracy Reifkind said...


It doesn't snow in California! Well, not where I live anyway! But really good advice none the less!

But why would you eat snow anyway?

Mahda16 said...

Perfect blog. I know that finding joy, for me, is not always an easy task. As John Lennon said, "life gets in the way....." But I know that once you establish what makes you joyful, (little and big things), it's a "walk in the park." Thanks for sharing some terrific thoughts. (Mary Ann)

Tracy Reifkind said...

Mary Ann,

Not that I'm jumping up and down all joyful everyday, but when things don't seem to be going right it always surprises me! I expect joy.

When I feel like I'm looking for joy I remind that I have to let joy find me, not the other way around....that's on a good day, of course, lol!