Friday, February 11, 2011

Web MD review of 4HB

The whole "interview" with the writer of Web MD was, let's say, interesting. I have to get used to people telling me that they are doing a "pre-interview", but really they are not...they are doing the interview! I'm not going to get into the whole story because I could write the same kind of review about her...but I won't.

Anyway, I am one of the biggest fans of 4HB, and have nothing but positive things to share about what I think is the whole point of the book, which is "minimal effective dose". Getting the biggest bang for the buck...doesn't that describe the kettlebell swing? The point is that overdoing anything goes past a point of diminishing returns, and most people think they have to make much bigger sacrifices than may be scientifically true.

I got such a huge result with only two 20-25 minute swing workouts, (and so will most people) that I was motivated and compelled to take it to another level. Do I overdo now? Probably. But that's a different book! And the point is that I still transformed my once obese 40 + year old, unhealthy, boderline diabetic, high blood pressure, gassy, snoring, flabby and dimpled body into one of a healthy, athletic, fit, confident, lean and muscular (17-18% BF), almost 50 year old woman that wouldn't trade bodies with anyone I know. I love my body, I love my training, and I love myself.

The writer for Web MD asked me what my part was in the book....this was the first sign that she had taken no time, not one second, to even open the front cover! Basically I tried to convey to her that even though I had a very successful weightloss story, it was Tim that recognized that my story was so much more. My story was how I completely changed the composition of my body, after the age of 4o, building muscle and strength never before documented in this way. I told her that my adult profession was working as a manicurist for over 25 years, and now because of the transformative effects the kettlebell swing had on my metabolism, therfore my body, I recently had produced my first "exercise" DVD...I mean, can you imagine? How many people can say that?

I guess the point of writing this is that the book cost under $20, so don't you think it may have $20 worth of information, inspiration, or just plain old entertainment? Most people spend more than $20 on a large pizza. Which person are you?


WandaB said...

Bravo Tracy! I also am a huge fan of the 4 Hour Body and of Tim Ferriss. It was because of 4HB that I was introduced to the kettlebell. I started working with it at the beginning of this year and already see tremendous results from it. I am so much stronger, leaner and firmer. I also have a blast when I work out now. Thanks for sharing and keep up the great work!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I have no plans to stop!

I ran into a yoga teacher the other day outside of the studio, and she asked me, "hey, are you still doing those kettleballs?" (yep she said kettle "balls", lol).

I said, "Um, yea...that's what I do! It's like if someone asked you are you sere still doing that "yoga thing"!

She got it!

jnmzmama said...

You are such an inspiration, Tracy! What KB weight did you start out with and did you use the same weight the whole time? Tim says to start with 16-kg. I currently have an 8-kg but I think I have to go heavier. Thanks for sharing your story. :)

Tracy Reifkind said...


Personally I would suggest a 12, or a 10kg, if buying a kb in lbs. then a 20 and 25lber.

Whether or not a woman should start out with 16kg (36 pounds) depends on how you were going to program your workouts AND assuming your technique and form are close to perfect.