Tuesday, February 8, 2011

600 snatches in 35 minutes

Tuesday mornings I have a mixed skill level class, and I try my best to remind everyone to scale the workloads to their own individual abilities, but I still take into consideration my strongest and my least strong.

Mark starts the class out with 10 minutes of joint mobility and then it's my turn for 30 minutes of solid swing combinations. 6:40 is when the "beginners" are finished as the last 20 minutes is snatch combinations and pacing.

I've been playing around with pacing snatches since way before I introduced the concept of swing pacing in my DVD, so pacing is how I handled my strongest and my least strong. The beginners were invited to stay for a couple of sets of minute long swing /snatch /transfers as a warm up, and then for 6 sets of 10 snatches, 30 sec work/rest for practice (they just learned the skill last week).

Beginners snatch reps in
green type, advanced snatch reps in green and blue (in parenthesis is the side of the snatch reps). 30 sec intervals per snatch pace. Beginners rested after 10 snatches, alternating R and L. Advanced level snatched a downhill pace ladder through the rest period for 1 non-stop 6 minute set!

rotation #1

10 snatch R, 15 sn L
10 snatch L, (R) 14 sn L
10 snatch R, 13 sn L
10 snatch L, (R), 12 sn L
10 snatch R, 11 sn L
10 snatch L, (R), 10 sn L
1 min. rest

rotation #2

10 snatch L, 15 sn R
10 snatch L, 14 sn R
10 snatch L, 13 sn R
10 snatch L, 12 sn R
10 snatch L, 11 sn R
10 snatch L, 10 sn R
(end of class, now for the rest of my workout!)
1 min rest

rotation #1

10 snatch R, 15 sn L
10 snatch R, 14 sn L
10 snatch R, 13 sn L
10 snatch R, 12 sn L
10 snatch R, 11 sn L
10 snatch R, 10 sn L

1 min rest

repeat #2 and #1

I lead my beginners through the first rotation for a total of 60 snatch reps and 6 min. I joined the advanced for the next rotation, and since it was the end of their hour I finished my own workout with 3 more 6 min. advanced, 135 snatch rep, rotations. 7 minutes per rotation includes the 1 min rest periods.

Total snatch reps 600
PS If you think this is hard, then do it in reverse! Pace up from 10 to 15! Even I knew better, lol


Diana said...

You are so damn insane! Of course I'm going to do this......what size bell did you use?

Juci said...

This is a weapon of mass destruction.

Thank you, on behalf of my victims :)

Maribel said...

I did snatch pacing on Tuesday too! But I did the 15 second 5, 6, and 7 you had us do a couple of weeks ago.

This is crazy style...wait, I meant Tracy style! I'm going to have to work up to this.

Steve Kiely said...

Just wondering why you do more on one side than the other? 10 left then 15 Right?

Tracy Reifkind said...


The 12kg is my training weight. I rarely use anything different the first time I try out a new combination of ladders. I have to see how difficult it is....and then if I want to I add weight.

Try this one with 2 of the rotations going uphill first, when you have the most strength and energy! And then do this version.

As I mentioned, this workout was born because of having to lead two complete different skill levels of students.

I'm having so much freakin' fun! I've got so much more I just don't have time to post!

Tracy Reifkind said...


As long as you can snatch 6 minute long sets, then you can do this workout...well at least one rotation of it, lol!

Have fun, and say Hi to everyone...I'll be there this summer to put the hurt on everyone in person!

Tracy Reifkind said...


"crazy-style" LOL I love it!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I answered your question on facebook. You did misread it if you missed the fact that each rotation used the opposite side more than the other. If you need more clarification, just ask. (or try it first...you'll find out why!)

Hanneke said...

I did the first round today with the 20 lbs KB, it felt actually quite easy. So I tried the next round with the 25 lbs KB. What a difference, I couldn't do it without rests.
Great workout!
I am curious what weight was used.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I used the 12kg (26lbs). This is my standard snatch weight for high volume work like this.

I do mix in the 14kg and 16kg for variety. I regulary test my 5 minute snatch with the 16kg at least evey month.

Juci said...

can't wait this summer! I'm so excited!

This workout will be tested allright. Next week we shall proceed with some grinds, but thereafter... SNATCHTIME!
Will keep you posted about the result :)