Wednesday, June 30, 2010

My 15 Minutes of Fame...well, more like 15 seconds....

Here's the latest episode of Dragon Door TV, with none other than yours truly...ME!

I remember , quite clearly, the first day of my RKC in April 2006 during the introductions....

"Hi, my name is Tracy Reifkind, and I lost 120lbs using kettlebells!" Do you know what it's like looking out into a sea of hardcore athletes, trainers, and professionals that make their living in physically demanding jobs like the police force and military? Good for me I was married to, at the time, a well respected Senior, now Master Instructor! But back then I was one of, maybe, 5-8 women at that particular Cert, not to mention the only person to have been more than 100lbs + overweight at one time in their lives! I was the first person to make such an incredible claim at any RKC Certification!

Mixed emotions.....Yay for me! I lost over 120 lbs...."Good God, you mean she let herself get so fat!"

I've not only maintained this significant weightloss for almost 5 years now, but I'm more fit than most women my age, and half of my age...and I continue to train kettlebells hard, and teaching others to reap the benefits from my high volume methods....DVD available soon! I'm so proud to have this honor and public recognition.

As I get ready for my Level 2 RKC next week, and our trip next month to the largest International RKC ever, in Budapest Hungary, which I'll be assisting at....can you believe this "former fat girl" will be an assistant....actually helping other potential RKC's improve their kettlebell knowledge and skills (crazy huh?)....this comes at a great time in my Kettlebell career. More to come....much more!

Picture above is me at my first RKC snatching the 8kg! Funny huh?


Meg Lloyd, RKC said...

Congrats. It's a well-deserved honor.

leslie said...

VERY well deserved. So when's the DVD landing? More Tracy! More Tracy!

Anonymous said...
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Diana said...

Snatching the 8kg!!! I almost lost my dt dew out my nose on that one!

Funny hey? I can remember too when snatching that little bitch seemed so hardcore!

Congrats on the video-sure I make a really cool shirt and they didn't even video tape anything at my cert!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


thanks, it's weird hearing your name on TV, even though it's not "real" TV

Tracy Reifkind said...


the DVD will be finished edit in less than 2 weeks and then 2 more weeks for the final details.

I hope we have them before the end of July.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Diana.....oh you're going to make me tell on you, huh?

Let's see.....I remember last Oct, yep, 9 short months ago, inviting you over to Fawns house the day after your HKC, to give you some coaching on your swing and snath technique.....remember?

When we asked you to show us your snatches you asked if you could use the 8kg! The 8kg? I said, "No way! Do it with the 12kg!" you did so, reluctantly....(I have a witness)

And even though they shot no video, they took plenty of pictures and there's no way that shirt went unnoticed by the camera!

Mark Reifkind said...

I'm SO proud of you my love! What an amazing story you have and what an incredible inspiration and motivator you to so many.

Plus it's not even close to being over. Just the beginning, actually :))

Diana said...

Good lord, that was "only" 9 months ago? It's actually fun to look back!