Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Max Freestyle (Mark came up with this term, "Max Freestyle", and I love it!)

Mark and I have been training Max Vo2 longer than anyone else in the KB community, in fact we started right after Kenneth Jay introduced it the summer of 2007.....no one else has come close...unless you know someone that has trained it, or some variation of it, at least twice a week (sometimes 3), and done the Max "boost" protocol, for almost 3 years years now....I know I have. But this isn't a pissing contest, it's about how I've had to modify what I call "Max-based" workouts for more than a year, because I've done 80 sets 0f 8 w/12kg more than once, and even came close with the 16kg...doing 70 sets, but not all with 8 reps (I'm too lazy to look it up right now, but I think I did around 40-42 of those sets with 8 reps).....so how can I make it more challenging without driving myself into the ground?

This last month I've taken freedom to modify what I call "Max based" training, and let me tell you....I come up with some crazy stuff! A few weeks ago I posted a Max based workout when I also applied my own training method of "Work into Rest" (explained in detail in my soon to be released DVD!). This workout increases the number of reps per set, laddering up into the rest period.....but it wasn't quite hard enough.....

So, I came up with the thought of doing swings between two snatch sets, and then taking a 15 second rest period. It looked something like this....


8 snatch R, 10 2 hd swings, 8 snatch L, 15 sec rest

repeat 30 times (60 snatch sets = 30 minutes)

So basically we had a 45 sec work to 15 sec rest ratio.....(this wasn't the exact workout, it actually got a bit harder, adding speed swing into the mix....another one of my training methods explained in my DVD, as if this wasn't hard enough! But too much to explain....)

Lucky Meg, or poor Meg.....she shows up every Saturday, as any good training partner does, and Max Freestyles right along with me!

But last Saturday was the last Max Freestyle workout because now we have......TA-DA...the 14kg! And we'll be starting all over again with this new weight (I've actually done 80 sets of 8 w/14kg before, but sometimes it appropriate to recycle....) Meg and I have a new training partner joining us, Mina, along with Mark and Nick.....Saturday Max @ Girya is going to rock!

12kg set Gymboss for 30 sec intervals

combination snatch/swing ladder #1
7 sn R, 2 tr, rest,
7 sn L, 2 tr, rest
7 sn R, 4 tr, rest,
7 sn L, 4 tr, rest
7 sn R, 6 tr, rest,
7 sn L, 6 tr, rest
7 sn R, 8 tr, rest,
7 sn L, 8 tr, rest
7 sn R, 10 tr, rest,
7 sn L, 10 tr, rest

combination snatch ladder #2
7 sn R, rest,
7 sn L, rest
8 sn R, rest,
8 sn L, rest
9 sn R, rest,
9 sn L, rest
10 sn R, rest,
10 sn L, rest
11 sn R, rest,
11 sn L, rest

total of 70 sets starting with #1, #2, #1, #2, #1, #2, #1 (each progressive combination "block" = 10 sets)

I'm not explaining everything perfectly, but is anybody really paying attention? lol

Bottom line.....I'll still train, by myself, but I'm glad to have friends...a friend (Meg)....come along for the ride!

Pictures above taken during the first workout 2 weeks ago....#1 this is the look I gave Meg about 10 sets into the first workout above....kind of like I'm saying, "O M G...this is going to be rough!" Picture #2 ,is moments afterwards when we just laugh about it....afterall, we came to play! Last picture....it's d-o-n-e! (second to the last picture, I'm actually saying. "oh my freakin' God")


Mark Reifkind said...

love it hon,

my favorite part:

"repeat 30 times" lol. If people could do that they could do anything. you're a machine!

Meg Lloyd, RKC said...

I'm so glad you come up with these and let me share them with you. Few other people really "get" my idea of "fun" like you do.

On to the 14kg!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm just glad to have someone witness my genius....did I say that out loud?

Kidding.....genius, fun, what's the difference? We get it done.

Now, the 14kg, and dbl 14 kg's...Mark ordered me 2 more 10kg's and 1 more 14kg....that's how much I love these bells!

PS I love the look on your face in the first picture!