Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Where's the Food?

I've been dying to write or post something about food....afterall this blog is about Thought, Body AND Food.

Since I started this blog I've changed the title a couple of times. The original title was Food, Body, and Thought....kind of like a play on the phrase "Food for Thought", but then, actually, I don't remember the first title change (and I'm too lazy to look back right now...who cares anyway?), but here I am....Transforming Thought.....Body.....and then Food...(is that right?)...anyway....

Some time ago I realized that one had to change how they think, yep, "think" about food and how they think about their body, so transforming one's thoughts about food could change how food affected their physical body, or visa versa. So transforming thought had to come first. Well....once the thoughts were changed then the body would follow, right? Makes sense to me.

I wrote a blogpost a while ago about the "chicken or the egg" theory.....which comes first? Changing how you think about yourself, and therefore through some miracle you start to eat better foods, or eat less, or eat the same damn crap but not gain weight?

Genetics, sme-netics....sorry I don't believe in "genetics". Why is it that some people can seem to eat whatever they want to and never gain weight? But's not that way for all of the siblings in the family....just one...the "special" one, (lol). Hell, these days look around, there's not even one "special" family member that is thin (skinny), everbody is fat. Of course we blame it on junk foods...whatever....back to the point.

What is the point? The point is that one, you, me, must start to see the vision, the hope, the possibilities, the trust, the knowing.....of what? Food is blood. We cannot live without it. Oh sure.....remind me of how water is more important than food....but give me a break.....good God.

Over the past, almost 5 years of maintaining a 100lb weightloss I've been motivated to count calories, I've been motivated to obsess over "working out", and I've been motivated to starve myself. But these things do not motivate me anymore.

I can only stand guard of my calories for so long. I can only pound myself into the ground for so long. I can only deprive myself for so long....and then what?

All I can do now is to focus on what, and how I want to feel. I want to feel light. I know what it feels like to feel light and I like it. I want to feel young, I know what it feels like to feel young after so many years of feeling old, and I like feeling young more, lol. I want to feel secure. I thought that eating everything in sight made me feel vindicated of all of the "things" taken from me or all of "wrongs" done to me, but I was the one doing myself one else was, or is keeping score.

This is what I know or what I think about food.....

I'm not obsessed over eating only "organic foods" anymore. I haven't been to a Farmers Market in, at least 6 months. I managed to lose over 120lbs without ever eating an organic vegetable (or meat....or doing a TGU, lol....another blogpost for another time....). I do believe in supporting local farming and foods, but the stress of being perfect is not worth it. I do love shopping at Farmers Markets, because I love to shop, lol....but I don't stress about it anymore. More importantly is cooking and preparing all of you own foods....which I do, and I love, love, love to do. I love food prep, I love cooking, and I love that I know how to feed myself.

If you claim to be a vegetrarian, or vegan, and you don't prepare and cook most of you own foods, then shame on you. You should know more about every kind of vegetable, grain, nut/seed, legume, etc.... from seasonality, to preparation, and nutrition. Unlike my nephew, a vegan in his mid 20's, who asked me how to pick a ripe tomato, and who also admitted that he didn't know how to cook beans....what? Who feeds you? Good freakin' Lord!

Sugar and fat are not the enemy....neither are "carbs"....get over it. But be realistic.....bagels and bananas are junk some fresh veggies everyday.....if broccoli and carrots are the best you can do then so be it, but realize there are tons, yep tons, of other veggie choices.

This is your life. What can you live with, and what can you live without? Things change, thoughts change, feelings change, foods change.

I used to, without fail, have some kind of salad pre-prepared and ready to eat with homemade schedule has changed and I have found it hard-er to find the energy to shred vegetables! (hey, this shit takes time....but I love it) My pressure cooker always saves the day with chilis, stews, soups, grains and all kinds of homemade goodness, BUT being around big, fresh, hot, huge batches of food "triggers" something inside of me to overeat....

I love food and I'm not apologizing for it. I love training kettlebells, and Bikrams, I love walking even though I haven't made more time for it. I love taking my afternoon nap. I love my red wine, and cheese and I will not believe that it's bad for me.

My life rocks! Lucky me. (thanks Sweetie)


Mark Reifkind said...

Lucky us:)) great post love.

Paul said...

Great Post! But just curious...why are bananas junk food?

Tracy Reifkind said...


To answer your question I wrote my last blogpost.....

Fatguy said...

Okay, so I've finally found someone that "understands" the seemingly involuntary desire to over eat. Now tell me how you handle(d) it, for the long term.