Thursday, May 13, 2010

Thursday's workout is ususally double KB's

Thursday I get to Equinox to swing on my own from 7:00-7:30am, which is fine by me because I ususally play around with some swing combination ideas that will inspire me for my Saturday classes. Here's my first swing workout this morning....remember, I have my intermediate KB class to follow....

12kg workout #1

20 2 hand swings 30 sec work/rest x 5 sets
20 transfers, 30 sec, work/rest x 5 sets

40 2 hand swings 1 min work, 30 sec rest
30 2 hand sw, 10 tr, 1 min. work, 30 sec rest
20 2 hand sw, 20 tr, 1 min work, 30 sec rest
10 2 hand sw, 30 tr, 1 min work, 30 sec rest
40 transfers, 1 min work, 30 sec rest
30 tr, 10 2 hd sw, 1 min work, 30 sec rest
20 tr, 20 2 hd sw, 1 min work, 30 sec rest
10 tr, 30 2 hd sw, 1 min work 30 sec rest

40 2 hd sw, 1 min work 560 swings

23.5 minutes work

DBL 12's, and 24kg Clean press, clean squat, heavy swing workout #2

after about a 10 minute warm up of swings and single clean press, clean squats.....

#1 one 12kg, clean press R x 5, clean press L x 5 (one clean, 5 presses), 30 sec work, rest
#2 two 12kg's, dbl clean, dbl press (clean inbetween each press) 30 sec work, rest

repeat 5 times = 10 minutes

#1 one 12kg, clean, 4 squatR, clean, 4 squat L x 5 (1 clean, 4 squats), 30 sec work, rest
#2 dbl 12's, dbl clean squat x 6 (clean before each squat), 30 sec work, rest

repeat 5 times = 10 minutes

10 sets of 10 rep 2 hand swings w/24kg, 15 sec work/rest = 5 minutes

10 2 hd sw w 24kg, alternate with
10 1 hd sw R, 10 1 hd sw L, 30 sec work, rest

x 10 sets each = 15 min.

10 sets of 10 2 hd sw w/ 24kg, 15/15 = 5 min.

400 swings 25 minutes

total workout approx 55 minutes

Workout #3 Beginners class (equal work to equal rest)

I did a "pacing" workout that I'll post another time..... Pacing is one of my techniques that I demonstrate in my DVD and I'll be talking more about in the following weeks. But, basically I swung the 12kg for another 30 minutes using the "equal work to rest" ratio which should translate into about an additional 600 swings.

total workout time approx 1 hr 48 minutes....and then off to Spin (I survived over 45 minutes!).....shower (Equniox's showers are impossible to resist....better than home!) to Girya for windmills, bent press, and one last PT client before I stop at the Wine Club on my way home......whew!


Diana said...

I realize that this may very well come back to haunt me, but I absolutely hate one arm squats! I like that nice balance I get with the goblet! Oh good, something to think about during run this weekend! Nice workout you put together, how you pull these ideas so easily out of your a$$ just amazes me!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm good! I design every workout on "the fly", but with a plan all at the same time. MNot just my own workouts and the workouts but I do in my classes. All the while having to take into consideration the different experiences and skill levels of multple students, making sure everyone gets a good workout.

I can't wait for my DVD to be available, and then I can talk more specifically about a few methods I have yet to explain in, fun, fun!

As far as the goblet squat worries about balance as you'll be training the squat with double bells at the RKC! lol

Mark Reifkind said...


you look like a SuperHero in that photo!

Tracy Reifkind said...

sweetie....ohh, stop it!

kettlebells_n_sunshine said...

Tracy when will your DVD be available??? (Waiting with bated breath)
Love your workouts...