Sunday, May 9, 2010

Video is's in the can......

Wow, has a full week passed since I had one of the greatest thrills of my KB life? Yep! Last Sunday, I, along with Mark and Dave Whitley, was asked to do a workshop to present some of our training secrets to a group of kettlebell enthusiasts. First I'll talk about me......afterall this is MY blog, lol!

I presented, "Training the Kettlebell Swing." I've heard all kinds of things said about what I do , or how I train with the kettlebell. Everything from...."You don't have to do thousands of swings.", "You know, all she does is swing.", and "Did she get all that muscle just from swinging a kettlebell. Really? Well maybe some people don't have to do 1000's of swings, but ask someone like Bud Jefferies, who has discovered, after me I must say, the importance to high volume swing training. No one has to do anything. Why do people run a marathon? No one calls it "high volume running". Who needs to run 26 one time?

And as far as "all I do is swing"....high volume swing training produces, without a doubt, some of the most amazing results when it comes to increasing ones level of fitness. No matter how young or old, how "athletic" or "non-athletic" a person is (ask any of the workshop particpants whether or not what I taught them was challenging...and intense). I had, at one time, in the middle of my workout presentation had a super fit, super strong, young kid (young kid to me, lol) "knock knuckles" with me because he "got it". Yep, this former fat girl, now woman of 46 years old, was putting him through a fun and challenging my life good (and rewarding) or what?

Here's some of the highlights.....enjoy!

In this video clip I explain one of my training strategies, which is "distraction". Distraction may not be best word to describe what is actually more of a "re-focusing". Re-focusing is about how to program small rep progressive swing combinations (10-20-40 reps), so the focus is not the crazy amount of work you're doing, but another simply complete an easily obtainable "set number combinations, or rotations of combinations. Guess what? The swings add up really, really quickly!

This is just a small piece of what I presented as my original methods, or original system of training the kettlebell swing. I mean , everyone knows that the swing is the thing, but who knows what to do with it? Me, that's who!

Swinging a kettlebell, will burn more calories, build more muscle, and is far more efficient at improving strength and conditioning than any other exercise, and I'm living proof. Training the KB Swing changes your body faster then anything I've ever seen. Women tell me their triceps pop out after two swing workouts, or they can actually feel their abdominal muscles (or any kind of muscle at all!). Students tell me they feel more, and look more, fit than they have in years, or even their whole lives! They start to notice the shape of their bodies changing in ways they never thought could happen, much less happen so quickly....Amen! of Mark's phrases...."The Kettlebell Won't Swing Itself." You still have to show up and swing! I'll be posting, soon, more details about what you can expect in my first DVD....the first DVD of many!

Mark's presentation focused on "Lats, the Super Muscle". An in depth and practical look on "Lats", where they are, what the do, and how to use, the second largest muscle in our bodies, to swing better, press better, build a better pull up, as well as stabilize the shoulder and hip at the same time. I can't wait for my copy! I learned so much, but like a good movie, you always catch something you missed the first time around. What you can learn about your "Lats" crosses over into all strength sports, but for me, it has already improved my teaching of kettlebell skills, and my own yoga practice, and has been of great value.

Dave's "Strong Man" presentation was nothing short of impressive.....wait until you see the frying pan he rolled up like a tortilla, and pushing a nail through a thick peice of plywood to pop a ballon on the other side.....with his bare hands! Some of you may already have seen Dave's "Sledgehammer Get-Up" that I video taped and Mark posted on his blog. then presented his interpretaion of how the "Get-Up is Foundation for all Tension Lifts"

Laree Draper is responsible for making one of my dreams a reality, and for that I'll be forever, and I mean forever, grateful.


Mark Reifkind said...

I can't wait to see your DVD honey. Finally, people will get to see the original methods you developed and get to train "TracyStyle" along with you.
The first of many...

Diana said...

When I put my hand through the handle of a kettlebell for the first time, I "instantly" knew we were going to be very, very, very good friends! I was absolutely right. I got off to a great start with being trained and now the way your training me has honestly enhanced my love for those bitches! Saturday night after (12 hours)work, I came home and cranked out a 1400 swing workout-I was "never" bored!
I am looking forward to your DVD-what a great dream come true: recognition!
I wish I was going to see you in 46 days.....

Diana said...

"who has to run 26 miles?"......

I do!
But that's next year's goal. Just once because I have to. After all, you are NOT the only one with a little OCD issue!

Jen said...

Hi Tracy, You are SO AWESOME! I am so excited and can't wait for my copy of your DVD! You have always been and continue to be such an inspiration to me.. your commitment to your training and your healthy lifestyle is a shining example of where I hope to be...Lord knows I fall short more often than I like to admit. Thank you for sharing yourself and your methods with others... and can't wait to see you guys again soon! xoxo Jen

Tracy Reifkind said...


I can't wait to see your video! It's just the beginning....again, my love.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I don't find fault with anyone that has the drive or desire to run 26 miles....I was only trying to make the point of how some trainers (yep, RKC's) have made this statement.

We all do what we feel we need, run, swing, bike, lift...I don't begrudge anyone else's passion, especially if it delivers the desired effect/s, or results.

Walk a mile in my shoes before you judge what "needs" to be done. I'm talking to the people that have never had to lose over 100lbs, and try to restore the damage of being so overweight and "out of shape"....good thing it works for those people that only may have a few pounds of weight to lose, and/ or increase an already "pretty good" level of works for everybody. I mean it works for those willing and committed to doing the work.....that's us!.

Tracy Reifkind said...


YOU are so AWESOME! I know that, and I know that YOU know that! I'm lucky to have a friend like you in my life. And I'm sure all of your other friends would say the same thing! (just ask them!)

I wish Santa Barbara was 2 hours closer.....drats!

leslie said...

I'm so excited for your video Tracy! And as always, you look FABULOUS. Kettlebells agree with us girls, don't they?! :)

leslie said...
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Tracy Reifkind said...


Yep, kettlebells agree with us gals ("gals" is a word you only use when your old, lol!)

Anyway, I've got lots more to post about the experience of taping this DVD.

I've always admired you, as you seem like the "cheerleader", and me? The girl smoking pot behind the bleachers, lol! (I don't smoke pot BTW!, it's just an analogy!)

Anonymous said...
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leslie said...

Tracy, I'm older than you, yet I say "girls." To each his own, right?

Your words made me smile. Thank you! It's funny how we see people. I see you as bold and fearless and strong, and myself as timid and mouse-like. But I think I'll consider cheerleader instead.

Can't wait to hear more about your endlessly fascinating life, Tracy!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I was making fun of myself using the word "gals", lol! (Mark says I use "lol" too!)

Anyway, it IS interesting how other people see us....I think I'll see myself as the cheerleader too! Bouncy, blond, and no cellulite! (!)