Thursday, January 29, 2009

Quick Max....

Mark and I've been training Max Vo2 for so long now I"ve shortened it to simply calling it "Max" lol! I can't wait to do a workshop at Girya in the next few months about this style of training, hopefully in March, sometme after the February RKC in San Jose, I'll keep you posted....

Anyway, since my workouts are more flexible I can play around with reps, combining my style KB training to fit with what Mark needs to do for his training goals. This week his cycle of Max was only 50 -55 sets, down from 80 sets last week, so I needed to make my 25-30 minutes of training intense. Most of my work sets last week were 9 snatches per 15 sec......good Lord, I remember when 8 snatches per 15 seconds smoked me, getting in 10 reps in 15 sec for an entire Max workout is just crazy, not impossible, but's what my Max workout looked like.....

15 sec work / 15 sec rest w/ 12kg

7/7 x 1
8/8 x 2
9/9 x 2

10 warm up sets total now the real work.....

9/9 x 4
10/10 x 1

repeat for the additional 40 sets

8/8 x 5 (10 sets)

60 Max sets total = 30 minutes

Oh, and it was 30 freakin' degrees in the garage gym Wednesday morning @ 4:45am! Get 'er done!


Diana said...

OMG!! Please be gentle with me! What did I get myself into??!! I actually could have done 8 yesterday for mine, for sure on the left, but right was holding me up. All in due time I'm sure! Like it's an option?! LOL!
Hey, try some egg salad (if you like it) on them broccoli stalks-makes a great dip and since I can eat eggs all day, it's up my alley! I totally asked the local supermarket produce man if I could get just the stalks of what gets cut from the flowerets and he told me they come shipped that way. Some with stalks and some without. I kind of find that hard to believe....can't blame a girl for trying!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Just put the word out at work that you'll take the broccoli stalks anyone might throw away. I'm glad you like there mayo in your egg salad? Watch those

Pat said...

Hey Tracey can you explain why you do Max so often. Are you trying to increase your maximun oxygen consumption? Are you stopping before you are in a Anaerobic state? Just curious, I know that training needs to be tailored to fit goals, fat lost, strength etc.
I am actually trying to increase my endurance at the moment, so I have been doing longer work outs with shorter rest, but maybe Max is the way to go.

Always fun and informative reading!
Have a good one