Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Get 'er done!

Do you think I want to train at 5 o'clock in the morning? Much less train Max freakin' V02 before the crack of dawn? Well, I don't, but I don't have a choice....I've taken that away. Mark and I usually train Max V02, starting at 4:45 am, every Wednesday morning because he leaves for work in Palo Alto, and his first scheduled client is @ 6:00 am. But for the past 2 weeks he hasn't had to start work until 7:00 am and we've gotten a little break....somehow 5:00am seems so much better than 4:45 am!

The best thing about an early start is an early finish....good Lord look at the time, and I've already done over 650 snatches! Now I'm off for a 2 mile walk and 9:15am yoga, how good is my life?


Mark Reifkind said...

You are a machine my love, and my inspiration. I couldnt do it without you but every time we "get er done" we put just that much more toughness in our body's 'bank account'.
as you wrote, once you take the choice away you just have to get it done.It's on the schedule and part of the plan.
I love training with you :)) It's always good even when it's hard( which is always,lol)


Frankie Mecono RKC said...

Which brand hand protection are you wearing or is that tape. I am constantly searching for some clients.
Frankie Mecono RKC
Santa Barbara, Ca.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I couldn't force myself to KB Max before the crack of dawn without you.....and certainly not 80 freakin' sets!

The only thing harder is 4:30pm yoga, and for that, you are my inspiration....that shit's hardcore, lol!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Google "Tracy Reifkind sock sleeve" and click on the link to my blogpost I wrote about it for my other blog (Living my Physical Potential Blog)

The information is also in the latest RKC manuel!

Diana said...

I have a HUGE feeling I'm going to fall in love with the MVO2 day you've sculpted for me the best of all!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


The best thing about a "MAX" workout is that you don't have to think about it, you just DO IT!

You'll be amazed at how quickly you can work up to 8's (reps per), now that's some fast snatching!

PS wait 'til I get you to "max" with 36 sec intervals!

Cindy said...

Hi Tracy,
Have you tried other styles of Yoga?
I would love to try Bikram. Can you give me some insight? Cindy

Aaron Friday said...

This is wonderful. You two are something special.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I've done some Vinyasa and what was called "power yoga" which was similar, but in a heated room and with a faster pace. I took a yoga class with my friend Fawn, and I'm not sure which style that was....and on that note, she's taken Bikram with me, so she would have some good insight also.

But since practicing with Mark my experience has changed so much, I can't believe I had practiced for almost 3 years before I really "got" how to train this style of fact I should write a blog post about fact I will so I can explain in more detail.

But in the mean time, if there's a Bikram studio near you, try it!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Mark and I were just talking about you guys this morning, thinking about inviting ourselves to come and stay for a weekend during one of the Certs he's not teaching at this spring!

As crazy as it sounds I would have loved to come during the winter time....someday....

You and Fawn are the special ones!

Anonymous said...

Your life rocks..why you are the luckiest bitch on the planet!

you know that 15 minutes extra time in the am, is worth more to me than money! LOL but 4:45 am is the middle of the freaken night..... that is hard core and bad ass!

I just finally read your comment. It was a relief to find out my cortisol levels were through the roof..but what got the scale moving, was my decision to step up,take responsibility for my poor eating habits and do the things that I know would move the scale down..everything you told me as your client... I just decided to walk the walk and that has made all the difference!


Tracy Reifkind said...


I just read this comment (2/4), and I find it funny that I just wrote about this yesterday....about actually "doing it". Doing what we know needs to be done. Bottom line, high cortisol or not, calories count. Yes alot of other bullshit counts too, but deciding to not be a victim, and either make peace and be happy, or get off you ass and do something about it!

I suspect the personal stress I was under this past year had a ton to do with my cortisol levels, and then the stress from that kept it going in a vicious cycle. Which is why keeping that "victim mentality" keeps us from moving forward.

It took Mark's words to remind me of what I already knew....what all of us already know.