Thursday, January 22, 2009

Broccoli Stalks

Since making vegetables the main focus of my diet I was always looking ways to add as much variety as possible and forcing myself to try things that seemed out of the ordinary....I mean, who wants to be ordinary? But it also included taking the ordinary.....broccoli....and finding different way of using it. Before I had an interest in cooking and preparing my own foods, I had made broccoli, but had only prepared the florets, steamed, with a little else do you eat broccoli? I had never eaten it raw in a salad, I didn't even make salads! I had never used it as a pasta sauce, boxed mac n cheese was the only pasta I knew how to make, lol!

I also believe when you buy just the broccoli florets you are buying the a less fresh vegetable then when the stalk is still attached, and it's more expensive that way. So next time, like me, buy the broccoli with the biggest, and thickest's what to do next.....

The broccoli stalk is my favorite part. It's mild and tender once you peel the dark fibrous skin from the outside. Simply cut the thick stalk away from the florets, then take your vegetable peeler and peel down the sides until you see the lighter green core, that's the good part!

You can shred it for salads, dice it and steam along with the florets, or cut it into sticks to use with dips, or on their own for a no calorie snack, instead of, or along with carrot and celery sticks (I have to give a friend the credit for that idea).


Diana said...

These ARE tasty! Thanks for the idea!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I had some broccoli stalk sticks with PNB yesterday.....sometimes I wish I could just but the stalk!