Thursday, December 25, 2014

"12/25" Christmas Morning Workout, and some details about The Swing Quest 2015 and my Winter Tour

Quite unusual for me this morning is that our workout was snatch based with the fewest number of swings I've ever done in a workout!  I've been neglecting my Hardstyle snatch practice so I'll be dedicating at least one workout a week to building up those high volume reps again.

Warm Up

1 sw, 1 sn, 1 tr x 12 (1 min work, 30 sec rest)
1 sn, 1 tr x 8 x 2 sets (30 work/30 rest)
5/5 sn x 2 sets (30 work/30 rest)
12 sn R/L x 1 set (1 min/1 min)
7.5 min
60 snatches

Work Sets 
1 med weight (14kg) for all 12/12 sets
1 light bell (12kg) for all 25/25 sets

12 R/ 12 L x 1 set (1 min work/30 sec rest) 24 snatch reps
25 R/25 L x 1 set (2 min work/1 min rest) 50 snatch reps

12 R/ 12 L x 2 sets (1 min work/30 sec rest) 48 snatch reps
25 R/25 L x 2 x 1 set (4 min work/1 min rest) 100 snatch reps

12 R/ 12 L x 3 sets (1 min work/30 sec rest) 72 snatch reps
25 R/25 L x 3 x 1 set (6 min work/1 min rest) 150 snatch reps

12 R/ 12 L x 4 sets (1 min work/30 sec rest) 96 snatch reps
25 R/25 L x 4 x 1 set (8 min work) 200 snatch reps

34.5 min
240 14kg snatches
500 12kg snatches

total 42 minutes
740 snatch reps, 9,360kg moved = 20,592lbs :)
(yikes I just realized I made a calculation error, but it's fixed now!)

The last part of today's "12/25" Christmas Morning training ended with 12 sets of 25 reps w/24kg started at the top of each minute.

25 2 hd sw x 12 sets (25 reps takes about 38 seconds, leaving 22 seconds rest)
300 24kg swings, 7,200 kg moved = 15,840lbs.

I've mostly been doing swing workouts from my book (The Swing) and haven't done a themed workout since my birthday month, which was all "51" based, but check out blog posts from previous years for more Christmas workout ideas.  Most of you still have time!

Mark and I will be taking a training walk together later this morning since we won't be with any other family.  Gabe and Lilly came over yesterday for turkey and stuffing and we won't see our other kids and granddaughter until the weekend.  I'll be starting another pot of coffee here quick and enjoy the quiet time of the day off.  I hope everybody else is having lovely times :) :) :)


One week from today I will be leading a Swing Quest on January 1, 2015 at Noxcuses in Palo Alto.  The event starts at 7:00am and will go until 9:00am.  2015 swing reps to start off the new year.  If you live in or near the San Francisco Bay Area and want to join us please email me at  You can come and join all or part of the fun.  Space and bells are very limited and you must preregister via email.  Cost is $40 for the entire 2 hours of training, but workouts will start every 30 minutes, 25 minutes of swings with a 5 minute break so you can stay as long as you can, or join in anytime every half hour. I'll be repeating this information over the next week with more details as needed.  I haven't made a big deal about it but I am proud to say that it will be my 10th event!  It's never too late to make it YOUR New Years Day tradition because it's been one of mine for four years now and you can count on me to always show up and swing!

Two weeks from today I will be in the midwest leading One Hour Swing classes in both St Paul and Milwaukee.  Again, space and number of kettlebells is extremely limited and I know we are close to capacity for the evening class times on Monday (Jan 5) and Thursday (Jan 8) so don't wait too much longer to register!  (use the links on the left sidebar)


Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays, Tracy.

Peace ~ Bear

Tracy Reifkind said...

Thanks Bear :)

Diana said...

Merry Christmas to you and Mark. Glad you had a nice quiet day. Mine was crazy busy and, unfortunately, had to remove life support from a patient. Never a good thing...and on a holiday makes it even harder.
Makes me think of my life and how I can make it better every time. I will join you (from WI) on that Swing Quest on the 1rst. I know I won't be able to pull off 2015 swings, but will do the best I can!
Can't wait till the 6th!!

Happy New Year!