Wednesday, July 16, 2014

FLASH SWING CLASSES at IRON REPUBLIC! And a couple more future traveling kettlebell adventures!

Wow, sometimes things move fast!  I was invited down to Pacific Grove to stay with a friend of mine for a mini getaway so I thought maybe I could beg my way into the best kettlebell gym, no, the Ultimate Kettlebell Strength and Conditioning Center on the Monterey Peninsula to lead a couple of my swing workouts!  Today is Wednesday, July 16th and in less than one week I'm going to be leading two of my Swing classes in Sand City at Seth Munsey's Iron Republic!  I'm not sure I've taught an evening class ever, so here's your chance if you are not a morning person to come swing with me Monday, July 21 6:30pm!  omg...I better get my nap in that afternoon!  And for you early birds like me, I'll be back the next morning at 6:00am, July 22nd!

I'll be swinging until you all tell me to stop, but basically if you can safety swing a kettlebell for 20 continuous reps then I can help you scale any part of my swing workouts to your specific skill and endurance level.  For females I suggest any weight between 8kg-16kg (I use a 12kg & 14kg), and for men I suggest 12kg-20kg.  

Each scheduled class will be 30-45 minutes, depending on your conditioning and the fee is $20.  As you can see from the pictures there is plenty of space, but it's best to reserve a spot so please contact Seth at (831) 740-8002.  I'll be there with a few copies of my book and DVD's so please come down and swing with me, or simply come down and meet :)


A few of the other events I have coming up in the near future are the next Swing Quest, of course!  I'm thinking about hosting it before Mark and I leave for Croatia on Sept 24, so a possible date is Sunday Sept 21.  But first, next month, Sunday August 17th in Dublin CA, Mark will be teaching an SFG User Course and you can find register for that here:

And get more information about the course here:


And speaking of Croatia.....the invitation still stands!  You can come if you'd like to and register for your SFG Certification Course, or just hang out with me! :)  I'm planning on taking day trips to neighboring towns, shopping, eating, and f course training!  Kastav is a very affordable and central location and with the addition of kettlebells pretty much has everything you need!  email or message me if you think it's something you'd like to do, or need more information about.  There is also information about the SFG on their website, or check out SFG Croatia on Facebook and post a question there or message Sasa Rajnovic!  (picture below)

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