Friday, January 20, 2012

Tracyrif"s "Plus 50%" Snatch Routine!

Here is my snatch version of "Plus 50%", another workout that I love, love, love!.  There are a couple of ways I increase the workload by 50%.  One is that when you get to the first 1 minute long set you only get a 30 sec rest, this equals a 2 to 1 work to rest ratio. The second is the last two sets increase the rep count by 50% (without a hand switch) into the rest period which equals a three to one work to rest ratio.  Enjoy!

5 rest 5 (15/15 x 2)
5/5 (30/30)
10 rest 10 (30/30 x 2)
10/10 (1 min/30)
15/15 (45/15 x 2)
7.5 min, 90 snatches

6 rest 6 (1 min)
6/6 (1 min)
12 rest 12 (2 min)
12/12 no rest (1.5 min)
18/18 (2 min)
7.5 min, 108 snatches

7 rest 7 (1 min)
7/7 (1 min)
14 rest 14 (2 min)
14/14 no rest (1.5 min)
21/21 (2 min)
7.5 min, 126 snatches

8 rest 8 (1 min)
8/8 (1 min)
16 rest 16 (2 min)
16/16 no rest (1.5 min) (apparently in the video I forgot this set...too much talking!  Don't skip it!)
24/24 (2 min)
7.5 min, 144 snatches

30 minutes, 468 snatches

There are a number of benefits of practicing snatch pacing.  I've been incorporating pace work into my snatch workouts for as long as I can remember and it's provided many, many super challenging routines.  But at the beginning of the day everybody has to start somewhere, and in my level 1 classes I rarely design workouts that use a pace faster than 6 reps per 15 sec. (that's 12 snatch reps per 30 sec interval), and super rare that I ask my students in those classes to snatch for 45 seconds without a hand switch.

Keep that in mind if you try this workout.  If you've been training the snatch for 2 years or less, and especially if you haven't, or don't train it regularly (once or twice a week), then only practice 5 rep and 6 rep rotations. (and try the 4 rep version below) You may not even have the strength endurance to snatch for 45 seconds without a hand switch.  Do not judge yourself! That's what these workouts are designed to do...progressively get you stronger! 

Everybody wants to go fast, fast, fast!  And that's probably because we are all speed demon cardio endurance junkies! At some point everybody needs to train strength endurance, and that's what those slower longer holds overhead do.  As I mentioned in the last video, I used a heavier bell on Tuesday and my rotations were, 5's, 4's, 5's, and 6's.  If you don't think slower reps and longer holds are challenging then you need a heavier bell!

Slow and/or heavy option

4 rest 4 (1 min)
4/4 (1 min)
8 rest 8 (2 min)
8/8 no rest (1.5 min)
12/12 (2 min)
7.5 min, 72 snatches


Hanneke said...

Nice! Thanks for all the time you put into it and making them available for us!

I am thinking about signing up for an HKC. I want to go to the one in Chicago (BUrr Ridge) with Dan John. That way I can kill 2 birds with one stone...visit my daughter and get an education
What do you think? I'm training the KB since 2006 so personally I think it's long overdue...

Tracy Reifkind said...


Sorry I couldn't get all of the videos downloaded before I had to post this...but you don't need video anyway!

As far as the HKC. If you planning to teach the swing, Get-up, and goblet squat then you must be certified. If you are not going to teach or teach right away, I can tell you right now that the HKC is not physically challenging like the 3 day RKC, which can be brutal if you are not prepared.

The HKC focuses on teaching you how to teach. It's alot of watching demonstrations of drills, taking notes and then a little practice.... Neither Cert is about your particular skill, besides having to pass the technique tests, it's about how to teach the skill and being able to demonstrate it correctly to your clients.

If you want a physical challenge AND get Certified then save your money and register for the RKC. If the travel and accommodations are minimal for the HKC then you can apply that registation fee to an RKC, but like I mentioned, if it would be any kind of extra cost then wait. But that's just my opinion.

If I can answer any other questions email me.

Diana said...

I haven't even done this workout yet, but I already know it's going to rock!!!!
It's snatches, how much better can it get!
I'm gonna use my 20kg for the last "heavy bell" rotation!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Sweet! I look forward to hearing about it!

Diana said...

Just please tell me you'll donate your brain to science!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


One of these days when I have any energy left after training I'm going to organize my workout routines...

I still have stuff I have never posted that I do in my classes that are some serious ass kickers!

If you only knew that snatch workouts we've done, you'd die and go to heaven! I'll try and post more snatch's not like I don't do them every week anyway!

Diana said...

Hmmmm, a book of your routines? Now there's a for sure money maker! :)

Hanneke said...

This routine is tougher than I thought. Darn those hands!!!
Please don't forget to post hand taping if you have a moment.

guy said...

Once again thank you for a killer practice routine! I have a request, what about a power/dead swing routine? Is that feasible BossLady?

Tracy Reifkind said...


Did you doubt? And yes, I'll get to the taping instruction, although you can find it on youtube. Ever since Mark demonstrated hand taping at an RKC (a gymnastic must) a few people have shared the technique.

Tracy Reifkind said...


of course! Right now I'm not training pw/sw's, maybe in a few weeks. I've got some other stuff I'm finishing up. (just remind me)

I like to post workouts that are appropriate for a beg/inter level and when I train power swings it's my own training, which is much more difficult and therefore potentially dangerous for someone not used to "training" that movement. Practicing it for a few sets/reps is fine, of course, because it helps to set up the correct hinging pattern, and it trains one to use the lats for maximum power, but as I have done in my classes, to design a workout around that movement, at least the way I do it, could leave a few people with "jelly legs"!