Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Are You Taking Your Training, Practice, or Workouts for Granted?

Recently I had to face the fact that I've been taking my yoga practice for granted.  For months now I've felt as if my practice has not been improving, totally taking responsibility for it, but not in the right way.  I thought I was at a point when my training was hitting a natural plateau, and I could only expect minimal gains, and found it frustrating.  I was miserable in my practice, so much so that I was starting to blame the practice itself (Bikrams) for my bad attitude....not for the stagnation of my practice, but because I wasn't having fun anymore.  To me, fun means seeing and feeling improvement.  Improvement can mean a lot of different's about "the journey, not the destination" right?  Because I had lost respect for my practice my attitude was getting really stinky....even more than usual (lol).  Not nice!  And realizing that it was me that stunk, not the practice, was a real eyeopener!

I thought I was treating my yoga practice as if it was important to me but I didn't realize how little, if any, effort I was putting into setting myself up for a good practice.  I was on auto pilot, simply going through the motions because yoga "was on the schedule", hoping each practice would be a "good practice", but not giving any thought or anything extra, pretty much just "showing up".  I was treating it more like "exercise". I was not taking into consideration what I was doing the day before a scheduled workout (practice) to help ensure I would be at my physical best for the next days practice.  This includes what, and how much I eat the day before, and it includes enough rest and recovery.  Not just packing my mat, water, change of clothes and lunch!  Like anything you want to be successful at, planning and preparation are the actions that can set you up for better results.  Planning and preparing to be my strongest, most ready, physical best, and to feel my best, is the best attitude adjustment of all!

Sometimes it seems easy to "be on our best behavior" when we have important dates coming up.  When we know a meet or competition is approaching we are careful to plan and prepare to be our best on that day.  When we have a performance or meeting we plan and prep to be our best that day. When we have an occasion, a party, a wedding, an event that we want to look and feel our best for we plan, we prepare.  What's so hard about putting in a little effort everyday for the next?  Isn't everyday important, and every practice/workout important?  Are you just "showing up"?

This is what I've learned not just for improving my yoga practice, but for improving my life.  One of Mark's phrases that truly sets the tone of our lives is "Training is the Source". Through my training I've learned about my life. When you take something, anything for granted you become a victim of the outcome.  Your attitude may be the one thing making you miserable....think about it!


Beth said...

Thanks for this Tracy! Such a good reminder for all of my workouts!

JenG said...

I can't even imagine getting into that position that you are in...let alone holding it. You are a true inspiration!
I am back to training KB's consistently...maybe by the end of the year I could contemplate some sort of yoga.

Mark Reifkind said...

To me the difference between a training practice and just 'exercising' is preparing and visualizing the next workout, how you want it to be, based on the last workout, what's going on in one's life at that time and your long and short term goals.

basically, think about it before you hit the gym or the studio. It makes all the difference. great post love.

Tracy Reifkind said...


I actually had great practices all week and I can already see improvement...amazing how changing your attitude changes everything!

Tracy Reifkind said...


You know, yoga is a different kind of training. I'll be writing another post about training yoga specifically. It was nice to remind myself that it's really just an open eyed moving meditation...such a relief!

First things first though! Glad you are training consistently again.

Tracy Reifkind said...

My sweetie,

Everything I know I learned from you! Thank you.

Mark Reifkind said...