Thursday, April 21, 2011

Eat a Meal...not cold bacon!

For the most part I'm pretty good about the foods I eat. Nothing is off limits, but I find myself craving healthier food choices, it's become first nature for the most part. Even when I do think about crazy stuff like eating a pint of ice cream, a box of chocolate, or even a pizza, most time I would choose one of my regular meals over those things anyway.

What I do tend to let happen to me is that I get too hungry waiting too long to eat. I think it's residual crap left over from a weightloss dieting mentality. I think so often when people are trying to lose weight they try and eat as little as possible in an attempt to lose weight fast. But what happens is when you eat too little true hunger can catch up with you and then "that's all she wrote"

Another thing that I tend to let happen is that I will have all of my meals mapped out, but then I don't count on being a bit hungrier sooner after a meal than I think is acceptable. I try and wait 3 or 4 hours between meals and when I get hungrier sooner I try and "snack" it off. This is really what I've been letting happen too often. And when I have too many snack foods in the house, like raisins and dried fruit, crackers, candy (yep candy), let's see.....what else do I nosh on? Oh yes, nuts or PNB. It can even be something like cold bacon!

I got home from work/training this afternoon and had a great big bowl of the yummiest cauliflower, bean, and kale soup, and boy was my tummy full! A couple of hours later I found myself feeling hungry, but it wasn't "time to eat" again yet. So trying to stave off hunger I opened the fridge and saw the bacon I fried up with some ground pork yesterday and started in on it. Did I think I was going to make a snack of freakin' cold pork and bacon? Goodness, I could have a whole meal instead. I have plenty of food already made and just as good, in fact better.

So I heated up another bowl of yummy soup!

I've got to start reminding myself that I can eat if I'm hungry. And, if I am indeed hungry, then to eat a proper meal....not cold bacon! (or put the bacon in my soup!)

Thursday 4/21

6:00am -8:00am kettlebells
9:30-11:00 Bikram
1:15-2:15 KB classes

coffee/cream 150
almonds 110
lentils/raisins 200 (I couldn't eat too much before teaching in the afternoon)
decaf w/ cream 70
apple 100
lg soup 400
handful of raisins 60
cold bacon and pork (4-5 slices 4 oz) 450 calories!
soup 300

1840 total calories today


Alison said...

Knowing when I am hungry is probably my biggest problem when it comes to eating. Just yesterday (which we will now refer to as my cheat day just to make myself feel better)I had eaten my lentil stew for lunch. I would usually also have cottage cheese but I was working on a project and forgot to eat enough (oh yeah, second eating problem- not sitting down to a meal.)

Then my neighbor came over with a big plate of donuts. Seriously I cannot remember the last time I ate a jelly donut. However, I managed to eat not only 1 entire jelly donut, but another half. I usually am not even tempted by donuts. Yet, after I wrote it down (ugh) I realized that I had not eaten enough for lunch.

I tried to remedy the situation at dinner (huge bowl of broccoi, a salad, a few pieces of steak.) Unfortunately my husband showed up with pizza and a 3 crusts later I realized again, not enough protein (3rd problem- I really don't like meat so getting enough protein can be challenging)...I was hungry.

Needless to say, today included a lot of KB's.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Is this Alison from Seattle?

I always look to my training the day aftr high calories. I apply the extra energy (calories) to the workout...might as well, right?

Also, I think that the attitude that goes along with a "cheat day" (I may be calling it something different in my book) needs to be addressed. In fact I'll be writing quite a bit about the cheat day in the diet section.

It never feels good when our cheat day "picks us", and the cheat day is supposed to be about relief (feeling good), not to mention scientifically important for our metabolisnm. Getting to the point when we "pick" it, and being satified with our "cheat" choices can take some practice.

Andy said...

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