Wednesday, March 24, 2010

What's in Your Oatmeal?

(Be forewarned, I'm a long story teller)

Wednesday mornings I have my usual back to back Bikram yoga classes, 7:15am & 9:15am, so I looked at the scheduled teachers to know, a little better, of what to expect. Drats......Yi-Ting at 9:15am! My second class had the harder teacher.

I stopped training Bikram 6-7+ days a week in exchange for 3-4 days a week, but on Mon., Wed. and Fri., I practice twice, with Sat. being an optional 7th practice. I started this about 4-6 weeks ago to give myself a complete day off from all that I do, every other day....for example, I train KB's Tues., Thurs., and Sat., and then I add in my Spin class only twice a week but on the same days as KB's, for the simple fact that I'm already in Palo Alto on those days, and I take Spinning at Equinox. The opposite days I practice Bikram....Sunday is a complete day off.

Anyway, back to breakfast....and yoga...

I never eat an official breakfast, instead I enjoy a couple of cups of coffee with full fat cream every morning, sometimes before my last workout (Spin, or between yoga classes) I may have a dried persimmon, apple, more coffee (or a coffee drink), or even piece of candy! Nothing like a little caffeine and sugar to get you through until lunch, lol....speaking of caffeine, sugar........and fat......

So this morning, as I mentioned, my second Bikram class was being taught by Yi-Ting. Yi-Ting is one of the toughest teachers because she cranks up the heat & the humidity, never opens the door while all of us are suffocating, holds the postures longer than, practically, any other teacher, but worse than that, she holds us in the "set-up" for the posture so freakin' long......arghhh. I knew I couldn't go into my second class the least bit hungry or feeling weak so I decided to take some oatmeal to eat right after the 7:15-8:45am class to help me feel solid, refreshed and ready to go another 90 minutes.....or so I thought it was a good idea.....and it was, sort of.....

Mark and I stayed with Keats and Tammy Snideman this last weeknd in Phoenix AZ for the HKC Mark taught in Tempe.....and they we very graciuos hosts.....unfortunately for us they don't drink coffee......WHAT? Who doesn't drink coffee? Mark and I can barely become conscious (much less friendly, lol) before our first cup of coffee....or two....or three....

Well, this may have been a small blessing because by the time we made it to Starbucks that first morning (hey we had to drink something!), we noticed the instant coffee packets Starbucks now sells called Via. (as in, "it will save my life, 'VIA' the caffeine", Mark just said, lol) Jordan, who is the evening KB trainer at Girya, has some of these packets at the Studio, so he must've thought they were pretty good, so I thought I should give them a shot. Good Lord, hallelujah! (I had to look up the spelling of that word, btw) The possibilities are endless with this instant, strong shot of good tasting, yep, good tasting, quick, portable, coffee option.

Back to breakfast.....
I made a small batch of oatmeal this morning and in it I added, cream, sugar, and VIA! Poured it into my small thermos and viola'....I liked it....alot! I need to work out a few was a little bitter beause I got a little carried away with the coffee, but really, the only mistake I made was I ate too much between the two classes( I think my little thermos holds about 8oz, and I ate it all!)....nothing too bad though. Although I haven't eaten a regular breakfast for years, and years, I may start this little habit mid morning....maybe I'll throw a chunk of chocolate on some days...I've often said that I love oatmeal so much I could turn it into dessert, lol!

PS I didn't even need a spoon!


ljbarron said...

that sounds so good! I am going to give that a try. I buy VIA at Costco it is about half the cost of buying at "5bucks coffee".

Diana said...

"Who doesn't drink coffee?".......those of us saps who suck down diet dew after diet dew after diet dew! That's who!
I guess that means you won't be visiting WI anytime soon! lol

I honestly don't know how you can not eat breakfast. Being the carnivore that "I" am, I daily eat meat and eggs. Now with that in my gut.....I can easily skip the rest of the day until late afternoon. There must be some good shit in coffee if you're able to crank out 80 sets of MaxVo2 without food in the tank!!
BTW....I got the feeling from the beginning of the post this was going to be a "long" one, pffftttt, I think this comment beats your story! lol

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'm just starting to have fun with this instant coffee....I've even though about using it in a "rub" for meats (steak).

Via is going to come in handy when Mark and I go to Hungary in August.

and thanks for the tip about buying it at Costco.....I only go to Costco about twice a year though, but I'll stock up next time!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I know your crazy for your Diet Dew! We all have out thing, don't we? Besides, Mark and I learned our lesson.....we go no where without our VIA now, lol! Non coffee drinkers beware, the Reifkinds are coming to visit, lol!

I've been meaning to email you about your snatch training....we need to change it....oh and did you hear about the new 16kg DD bells with the smaller handle?

Diana said...

Glad to hear about having to change the snatch training-that isn't going like I had hoped. MaxVo2 is going great, I hope that doesn't need changing!
Did not hear about the smaller handles on DD 16kg-but I can say "brilliant" idea. Even me and my big "paws" has a little trouble-but not bad! Not sure if enough to make me buy new ones

Tracy Reifkind said...


It was great talking with you this evening and I know for certain that you will smoke the RKC, instead of it smoking you, lol!

Represent girlfriend, represent!

Diana said...

Back at ya sister!

For the record: exactly 100 days until I pack up "KBSWGR" and head out to St. Paul, MN!!!!! OMG!!!
( in OMG, I can't wait, not OMG I'm so nervous!)
Good ol' WalMart had a sale on some coffee-so I'm all stocked up for ya! LOL
Thanks for the tips, I am so looking forward to that 36 crap!!

茂一 said...
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