Sunday, March 21, 2010

HKC Chicks

I rarely take many pictures these days.....although when I do I tend to be such a poser, lol....but here I am with Anne J, and Terri K, at this last weekends Tempe AZ HKC. Both women traveled from Tucson and had been training KB's for months, and decided to take their knowledge to another level.

I know Anne mentioned wanting to gain a deeper understanding about the kettlebell to train, not only her 65 year old father, but also her 5 year old daughter! Wow!

I teased Terri, at the end of the day, about being a problem child, but truly she wasn't! She took, remembered, and applied, every correction that was relevant to her, and I do believe she'll take, like Anne, the knowledge she got from the HKC and apply that to her current training as well as passing it along to her lucky future students. (Terri happens to be built exactly like my training partner Meg....which is why the Swing/Squat workout I put them through near the end of the day was.....a little challenging.....that's all I'll say about it, lol)

Oh the guys were cool too! And I hope to see them all again at the next level....RKC!

(Guys....Keats, Mark C, Jared W, Mark, Frankie B, Gene M)

(pictures above on right hand side, both Anne and Terri crushed the former 25 second qualifying strength requirement for go girls!)


Annika said...

Congrats to all of them!
Aaaah, one day I will be wearing one of those t-shirts too!!

Tracy Reifkind said...


ohhh....I hope I'll be the one giving you your HKC t-shirt! Wouldn't that be fun, lol!