Wednesday, January 13, 2016

20:16 NYE 2015 Round #1, 16kg Snatch 372 reps

New Years Eve 2016 results

Round #1, 16kg snatches 372 reps

10 minutes continuous, 20 rpm + 9 = 209
53 sec rest
10 R, 10 L, 10 R, 10 L
34 sec rst
10 R, 10 L, 10 R, 10 L, 5 R, 5 L, 5 R, 5 L = 60
35 sec rest
10, 10, 10, 11 = 41
41 sec rest
10, 10, 2
11 sec rest before;

Round #2 16kg Two Hand Swings
20 sw
14 sec rest
20 sw
etc x 22 sets + 16 = 456 swings

Round #3 16kg Front Squats
5 R/ 5 L x 13 sets
5 R x 5 sets
5 L x 5 sets + 1 rep
181 reps

In this first post of three I'll only be writing about Round #1, my 16kg snatch total.  My training goals over this next year will be to specifically work on only one of the three skills I tested while maintaining the other two skills at their current levels.  I'm going to assume that those totals will also improve, and we'll see, but not losing any strength/endurance in either of the other two rounds is the secondary goal.


Interesting.....  I knew I wanted to snatch for a continuous 10 minute set to start out with, so I did.  The idea was NOT to go all out, but to find a consistent pace and leave some gas in the tank :)  Knowing I was going to put the bell down at the 10 minute mark I sped up my pace slightly to get in a few more reps because, to be honest, I didn't know when I'd be picking up the bell again! This was the only part of the workout that I video taped in it's entirety because this is the part of the challenge I'll work on to make my first goals for improvement.  In the first 20 min., 16 second round I took a total of 2 minutes, 19 seconds of rest.  So roughly 18 minutes of snatching at approx 20.5 rpm (369), OR 18.4 reps per minute over the entire 20:16.

I could choose two ways to set a new goal, each would give me a higher total.  Faster rpm, of course, or longer (less rest).  Hmm....  Well, there's a part of me that would like to make a goal of snatching the 16kg for 20 continuous minutes (and longer!), so I think I'll make that my first goal.  THEN I'll work on speed.

I've got three months to train before I test this again.  Reviewing the video, and going by memory, there was a definite point in the first 10 minutes that it started to feel "hard", and the fatigue came fairly quickly as the weight appeared to feel "heavy" at that point and move slower.  Even though I was keeping pace, the effort that was required could be improved on.  Near the end even doing 10 reps at a time was a drag and I dropped down to switching every 5 before going back to 10's.

Goal #1
12 min continuous set, but stronger!  lol  Plus multiple sets = higher total  So, I'm only going to take away, maybe, 45 seconds of the 2 min 19 seconds of rest I took.  That equals out to about 15 snatch reps.  387 reps
Goal #3
15 min continuous set, plus multiple sets = higher rep total  Again, taking slightly more rest away, maybe 30 seconds, leaving about 1 minute total of rest.  + 10 reps = 397
Goal #4
Only two sets total.  The first set I'll back off a bit and only complete a 12 min set., then up to 1 min rest. (no more), finish off another continuous set until the end or the 20:16.  I'm unable to predict this one actually!  BUT, that being said, the two previous results will be of great importance and study for the last and ultimate test.
Goal 2017
20 minutes continuous 16kg snatch, 415 reps, 20.5 rpm.


Since there is 3 months in between each re-test then my main focus right now is to simply use my regular weekly workouts to tighten up my technique and form.  Allow enough recovery, and then 6-7 weeks out I'll get much more specific in preparation.  Again, the first goal is a 12 min continuous set, which I know I can do now, but I want it to feel a lot easier than that first 10 minute set felt!

I used a black Hardstyle cast iron bell with a large handle diameter.  I tried my best not to use any Sport technique, but double and triple breathing will alway come into play with endurance.

In my next 20:16 post I'll write about Round #2, swings, perhaps the most surprising result of all!

I know a few people commented or dropped me a message/email about their own results, an I thank all that participated.  If you would like some input about how to train for your next test or some thoughts about your results I'd be happy to give them to you, and I'd be thrilled if you share them here, in hopes of maybe inspiring others to do the same :)

I WILL be better next year than I am today, period


Monika said...

Wow, your test rounds are amazing! I did 70 goblet squats with a 25lbs the other day as part of that days training. I can't imagine doing 131 with a 16kg!!! Ouch!
In any case, seeing what you put out in work, makes me tell myself to "suck it up and just do it", when I really don't want to work out. I don't think I'll ever catch up with your strength, but that's OK. It shows me, that it's possible to get stronger, as long as I stick with it.

I've already improved my 20kg 2hsw of 105 reps to 154 reps. I only do that once a week though, with other training the rest of the days. I'm using the ladders you suggested: (5,6,7,8,10) x 4 + 1 set of 10 as of the last training. I'm shooting to add more swings each session.

Tracy Reifkind said...


After reviewing my notes about that last squat round I miscalculated and actually completed 50 more, for a total of 181! So wonder I couldn't walk for 4 days! lol My plan was to do goblet squats, but in my last post about the challenge I'll go into detail about how and why that changed!

As far as your comment about matching my strength, it's not about comparing yourself to anybody else, I sure don't! And that's a good thing because being in the world of and alongside of many amazingly strong female kettle bell athletes and Instructors what I do barely gets any kind of notice! Strength is defined in many way, and the number on the bell, or the number of plates on the barbell is a small part of it!

I'm glad the ladders are working out for you, and besides it's kind of fun to have those small goals and numbers to keep us on track and motivated to get in the gym and get them done!

Lindsay Price said...

My goal this year is to work on the snatch with the 12k. Today I'm up to 123 (from a start point on Jan 2nd of 100). Right now I am working on putting together longer continuous sets (today I worked up to 2 sets of 10 (L/R) in a row and that's about as much as I can do with good form).

Ultimate goal is 100 snatches in 5 minutes. :)

Thanks for this push. I love the kettlebell especially now in the dead of winter.

Tracy Reifkind said...

Lindsay, Awesome goal! You'll get there really fast, especially with consistent workouts, so I'm going to up the challenge for you :)

Once you get to the 100 in 5 minutes, which clearly you will, and quickly no doubt, then I challenge you to get your BEST time, under 5 minutes, by the first of January 2017! This means you not only have to get there, but stay there and improve on it!

Thank you s ouch for your comment, it's nice to meet a new reader :)

F.X. Hesse said...

Hello Tracy, great stuff, you have really opened my eyes. Do you prefer the snatch over the clean and press?

Abhijit Sarkar said...

Its definitely a great article, I loved that Kettlebell Workouts video which you posted. waiting for more .

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akoni lilo said...

I'll say it again: you're amazing. you are soooo talented and creative. I'm adding your post to my list.

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