Tuesday, November 3, 2015

the best ever 10 years.

I love November.  November is the month of my favorite holiday (meal!), Thanksgiving, my wedding anniversary, and 10 years ago this month I celebrated a weight loss of 100lbs in 11 months time!  Since then, 2005, November solidifies many more favorite things about my new life that I love, including my yoga practice, and November seems to be perfect timing to rev things up and get some great momentum to swing through the holidays, much less affected by all of the former feelings of obligatory eating of foods given, presented and shared by well meaning friends and family in the "spirit" of the holidays :)

I love November!

I'm thrilled to not have anything take me away from teaching my regular Saturday class, or my own weekly training schedule until after the first week of January....how about you?

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to come and train with me, or take my Saturday morning Swing Class in Palo Alto just email me!  tracyrif@yahoo.com

January 1st, 2016 might not ever look so good for you!  Start your best ever next 10 years!

picture at top was Nov 2005, 100lbs down. picture on the right was Nov 2006, 1 year after, total weight loss of 120lbs.


Hanneke Schiffleger said...

It's awesome to lose weight but even more awesome to keep it off for 10 years!

I need a little push myself. Did another marathon in Chicago about 3 weeks ago. Then we moved which was super stressful, and I hate moving. The great thing about it is that we really simplified. We will build a small home soon so moving to this small place was a challenge but a good start to purge.

But it kept me feeling exhausted and unmotivated. I really need to get back in the swing of things for sure. I'm thinking about a program just to stay motivated, I need some structure right now. Not sure yet what to do. Any suggestions?

Please keep posting, monkey see is monkey do.

guy said...

I have been waiting for a blog update!! Great post, I discovered you in June 2006, you motivated me, to lose 60lb in 6 months, you rock BossLady!

Monika said...

Congratulations, Tracy! I feel I "know" you a little, because I'm working out with you every day. Thanks for the awesome youtube videos. They are wonderful to use. I'm also happy with the new blog entry. Keep them coming!

Gwen Krehbiel said...

I've missed your blog posts and videos. Thanks for taking the time to post and make videos. You are such an inspiration to me!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Hanneke, Did you stay in the same area? I'd love to help you, you've been such a big support to me over the years :) What do you think you need?

I'm assuming since winter is here running and training outside will be a bigger challenge for you, do you have another race that you'll be getting ready for, or od you just want to keep your conditioning up during the next few months?. I just updated the post after this one with the videos of my training before I left for Pensacola, and some of it may be relevant to that. I was pretty surprised at how much conditioning I've lost recently because of the time away from a lot of my regular workouts, so I'll be working specifically to rebuild that.

I think I'm home until mid January, not plans for travel, so I'll be looking to set at least three "targets" to reach for....or should I say to "swing" for !

Thanks for commenting :)

Tracy Reifkind said...

Guy, resurrecting my blog is going to be a priority for me, so you'll be seeing, and reading a lot more! Shorter posts, but more consistent :) :) :) And you know what Mark says, "Consistency trumps intensity!"

Thanks for you support and for your comment throughout these awesome years :)

Tracy Reifkind said...

Monika, Thank you so much for commenting :) I love that people use my Youtube videos :) I wish I could post all of my workouts! Maybe that'll be possible someday, because they're so much fun! And actually it's the "fun" that was somehow replaced with too much seriousness this past year, so I'm ready for the smiles and laughter again! Let's do this!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Gwen, Gosh, I'm just so glad to have met you last year, please come back and see me this year, I'll be in St Paul again in January, It's friends like you that give me hope that we can all be a part of a better, healthier solution for so many others. And it's not about doing it for others, it's about living by example :) :) :)

There is soooo much freedom in moving well and being strong enough for so much of the activities we love in everyday life, a good life. The day I can't lift my soup lot, or peel a butternut squash is going to be a sad day, so it's my goal to always be able to do those sorts of things :)