Monday, August 25, 2014

This Month Everybody's "51"!

I've been doing "51" workouts all month and so far I'm loving it!  (until we get to Meg's "51" workout, lol).  In fact I've been digging it so much I'm thinking about redesigning the next Swing Quest into "51" themed workouts!  OR maybe continuing on all year with "51" swing workouts!  But before I get all crazy with it let's just do the next one together, shall we?  These video demos are two "double rounds" of five total. A double round has two sets of 51 reps.  Here is the order of reps and sets:

10 reps x 4 sets
11 reps x 1 set
20 reps x 1 set
31 reps x 1 set

You can do all sets with only two hand swings which is what we did in our first and last double rounds, or you can apply any of my one hand swing progressions to the the rep counts.  We practiced them in order starting with 5/5:

5/5 x 4 sets
5/5 + 1 rep x 1 set
5/5 + 5/5 x 1 set
5/5 + 5/5 + 5/5 + 1 rep x 1 set

In the first video we demonstrate the next progression, which are my one hand swing ladders:

2/1 sw ld x 4 sets
2/1 sw ld + 1 rep x 1 set
4-1 sw ld x 1 set
5-1 sw ld + 1 rep x 1 set

The third double round we did transfer swings:

10 tr x 4 sets
10 tr + 1 rep x 1 set
20 tr x 1 set
30 tr + 1 rep x 1 set

The fifth and final round we went back to two hand swings only, but increased the bell to a 24kg (from a 14kg)

10 reps x 4 sets
11 reps x 1 set
20 reps x 1 set
31 reps x 1 set

510 swing reps, 25 minutes

Maribel and I start out our 5:30am workout with a 30 minute heavy double clean/double swing workout that I've posted on Youtube but have yet to post it here on my blog.  I recently started my own Youtube channel (separate from Markrif's channel) so if you are interested in checking out all of my videos you will find them here: 

The next few "51"'s are already up on my channel, but I'll be back to post the details in the next blog post.  Until then, enjoy this one!

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