Friday, January 28, 2011

40 minute Double KB's

Thursday morning I did a little bit of everything...HV snatches, HV swings, some KB swing drills in a beginners class and then to end my workout the only thing left was doubles. One thing I love about doubles is that no set lasts longer than 30 sec, and like my "5 x 6 " workouts, you get alot of work done quickly and without much notice....the attention is on completing 5 sets at a time.

In this variation of a 5 x 6, instead of grouping the combinations in 5's I alternated a 30 sec. combination of, 1dbl swing, 1 dbl clean with the 30 sec long cycle presses. This turned a "5 x 6" into "2 x 5 x 6" , or "10 x 3"...I haven't decided what sounds easier!

2 12kg's

1 sw/1 cl x 8, 30 sec work/rest
cl/pr x 6, 30 sec work/rest
x 5 = 10 min.

1 sw/1 cl x 8, 30 sec work/rest

cl/ push pr x 6, 30 sec work/rest

x 5 = 10 min.

1 sw/1 cl x 8, 30 sec work/rest

cl/jerk x 6, 30 sec work/rest

x 5 = 10 min.

there's a 30 minute workout...but I needed just a bit more. Here's a "2 x 10", 15 sec intervals addition, using all of the above combinations.

1 sw/1cl x 4, 15 sec work/rest

1 cl/pr, 1 cl/pu pr, 1 cl/1 jerk, 15 sec work/rest

x 10 = 10 min.


Maribel said...

We did some doubles that you outlined today...schnikies! They are tough! Loved the routine though. Sabina did an awesome job.

Juci said...

This Is Tough!

I tried this and failed. Ended up with 2 8kgs.

But loved it anyway :)

Tracy Reifkind said...


I'll have you snatching doubles soon! You'll be really cool then, lol!

Tracy Reifkind said...


I've been training 12kg doubles regularly for over one takes time.

Double 8kg's are tons of fun and I use them for speed and need to get some 10kg's though!

Tracy Reifkind said...

Judit...oh, and I've got a "100" rep snatch workout that will kick your ass-ter-oid, lol

I'll post it soon....