Sunday, October 18, 2009

Max w/16kg #2 and 20kg snatches

I know, I know I never blogged Max w/16kg #1, but my Sat Max workouts have been a little unorganized for the past few weeks. In fact last week we only did about 15 minutes of max w/12kg (sets of up to 9), but then we all set some heavy snatch PR's with the 20kg!

We had the honor of training with Mark (Master Instructor, and my Master Coach!), so I thought it would be fun for us girls to train some heavy snatches up to the 20kg. Mark was snatching heavy that morning so I thought we would follow suite. Gen's boyfriend Chris came along and also got a chance to experience Max w/2okg and heavy snatches w/28kg.

I can't remember the exact sets we all did, but I know Gen snatched the 20kg at least 1-3 reps on each side, I think Meg did 3 x 3/3 on each side, and maybe 1 set of 5/5, and I think I did 2 x 3/3 and 2 x 5/5. The first time for Gen, I think Meg's snatched the 20kg once before and I haven't snatched the 20kg in forever, but the reps were PR's for all of us!

3 weeks ago meg and I used the 16kg for our Max workout and it went something like this for a total of 50 max sets....

10 sets of 5/5
10 sets of 6/6
10 sets of 7/7
20 sets of 8/8

10 sets of 5/5
10 sets of 6/6
30 sets of 7/7

This week I knew I wanted to snatch 8's for additional sets so we did the same workout but adding 5 more sets at the end for a total of 55 sets (25 sets of 8 for me).....but I changed it slightly in this way....

2 weeks ago we started with low rep sets, 5/5, 6/6, pacing those reps inside of the 15 seconds. In otherwords we took the entire 15 seconds to complete the low rep #, slowing down the pace of the snatches. This week, even though we still snatches low reps, we snatched them as fast as we could move the bell, leaving a few additional seconds rest until we got to 7's and 8's. This made it a completely different workout in my opinion!

I thought of this technique after training Max with Mark and noticed that as he alternates 7's and 8's in his Max training, regardless of rep count his speed is always te!

It's my goal to train Max for 50 sets of 8. The last time I trained Max w/16kg I worked up to 50 x 7/7. Week by week I'll add 5 sets, so that should put me there in 5 more weeks!

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