Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Max V02, 70 sets of 8 w/ 12kg

Now that I'm training Max Vo2 twice a week, once with Mark on Tuesdays and once on Saturdays with 3 of my students training to test the SSST in another 10 weeks, I've decided to log my Saturday workouts. Max Vo2 is nothing fancy, pretty straight forward......

70 sets, 15 sec work/15 sec rest

9 snatch L/9 snatch R w/12kg

I realized last week that I was training Max twice a week last year about this time and ironically this coming up weekend is the 1 year anniversary of 80 sets of 8, completed last year while at the LA Cert (video to be revisted). This year of course I have to top that so I thought I might do 80 sets of 9, but I think I've decided to stay with 8's, but use the 14kg instead of the 12kg.

I did 70 sets of 9 last week and I know it'll be no problem to add on another 10 sets, but I want to make sure that my form is spot on, and I don't want to run the risk of "shorting" any of the snatches....so the 14kg it is!

The hardest part of our upcoming training for the SSST is not the snatches, but the "downstroke transfer". I had the opportunity of getting a little coaching on the technique from Yoanna Sniedeman last year at the LA Cert....and gusess what? I'll be seeing her again in a few weeks at the San Diego Cert where I'll make sure and get some more tips!


Mark Reifkind said...

well done love, well done. people really have no idea what an incredible athletic/cardiovascular feat that is.and that you will crush 80 sets of 9 one year to the day after you did 80 sets of 8 is no small feat as well.
320,a nd first place, in the SSST is yours!

Diana said...

Actually, some of us "lay" people do have a clue as to what an "outstanding" feat this is! I'm dead after 8 sets, let alone 80! But then, it's good to have a goal and I know I always say that I am only out to outdo myself, who the hell believes that! Unfortunately, you may have me beat on the "competitive" edge (but just by a smidge!) so, this will be hard. What a great way to get in shape though-trying to match your number of sets. Notice I said "match".....one goal at a time!

Tracy Reifkind said...


You are my biggest fan for sure. I could never have done all that I've done without you.

Tracy Reifkind said...


When Mark and I started blogging and connecting with other people training with kettlebells, it was always motivating (for me) to see what others were doing and translate that into my own training. Things do start to get competitive...which is fine except.....competitiion is fine, but COMPARISON is when we get into trouble.

Some of us can't help but start to compare ourselves, or what we can do, or not do with others BUT you can't compare with so much diverse backgrounds. Different ages, different bodyweights, different athletic, or NO athletic backgrounds, even male and female! Whopps, I feel a future blogpost coming on....lol!

I'll tell you what....if you trained with me for 6 months, at the end of that time you'd be snatching 80 sets of Max....that I know!

Gen said...

Loving the husband/wife support going on here. Congrats you two - you define "power couple!"

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