Friday, June 26, 2009

Coming Full Circle....and remembering 1000 Island

When do we know we've "come full circle"? Literally, I guess, it means we take off in a certain direction and then come back to where we this a good thing? Well, let me break it down.....

When I wrote this I was thinking about how I used to eat, and how I ended up more than 100lbs overweight. Then I started eating better, lost the extra weight (and then some, lol), maintained that weight for 2 years before I gained a few pounds, and then this past 1 1/2 years lost it again, gained it back....and then a little more.....and now faced with the decision of where to go from here. No, I'm not 100lbs overweight, but I'm a full size bigger than I say I want to be and I'm not moving in the direction I think I should be. So, I guess my "circle" started with dieting, and now is back to that same place, "dieting".

Having to "diet", to "restrict" only happens when you overendulge. I should be damn happy that I've been able to spoil myself rotten with some great food, and great wine in abundance. Why can't I be happy with great food, and wine, in reasonable amounts? Because I'm a spoiled baby, that's why.....that, and tons of other reasons, but let's get back to the "dieting".

Our physical bodies reflect how we live our lives. The size of our bodies reflect how much food we eat, or don't eat, and the composition of our bodies reflect the quality of our foods and how much we move...exercise, or not exercise. That's simply put, of course. Ultimately I don't want to overeat, or overexercise. and I'm working on that, lol! But for now, here I am, not really wanting to restrict my foods, or the amount of food I want to eat.....haven't I been here before? So where's the balance? Is the balance settling for a higher bodyweight as a result of eating more food than my body needs to maintain a lower bodyweight? I settled for weighing over 250lbs for a time in my life, I certainly don't want that again, but where will it stop?

Dieting can't be a way of life for me, that I know. But overeating, emotionally overeating can't be either. I'll keep you posted.


Remember Thousand Island salad dressing? Talk about coming full circle.....back in the day......I would go out to dinner as a young girl with my family, dinner always came with a small green salad and what else? Your choice, of course, of Ranch, Thousand Island, or I-talian dressing (sometimes blue cheese), I always went for the 1000 Island.....probably because it was sweet, lol!

Well, as I was making a salad for dinner the other night, with my usual cabbage salad mix, the only protein I had ready cooked was a beef patty, so I thought, hmmnn.....hamburger.....ketchup.....what about making some 1000 Island dressing? I think you just add ketchup and pickle relish, to mayonaise (or yogurt mayo combination, in my case), and voila!
plain yogurt/ mayo
sweet pickle relish
hot sauce
I started my dressing with some leftover roasted garlic dressing (yogurt/mayo/lemon/roasted garlic), and then added ketchup, sweet pickle relish, Sirachi hot sauce, and fresh chives (because I had them).....not bad, lol!


Christine said...

The last year has not left me a lot of time for training, which has sucked, but I have managed to maintain my weight, which is a miracle considering all the baking and trips for ice cream for Dad, trying to make his life as pleasurable as possible. It's also given me time to reflect on what I truly think of my size and weight, and what 'thin enough' and 'good enough' mean to me. While I miss the tautness and tone I had when training consistently, I have found that I'm pretty content with myself - I'm a size 8, and while I 'could' be thinner, it isn't enough of a priority to restrict my eating that much. And the muscle - I know that will come back. There is an unfortunate endpoint to my caregiving, and I'll never regret the time I put in with Dad.
I don't know where I'm going with this. I guess you just struck a chord. Miss your blogging, lady!

Tracy Reifkind said...


Maintaining one's weight shouldn't be described as "a miracle", although I can totally relate to that statement, and have probably said those very words!

Mark has a close family member suffering with cancer and he said to me the other day "I'll bet she's not concerned about her bodyweight right now".....true.

I think the word "content" is an interesting one.....

I don't know wher I'm going with this either......